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Jan Verhoeff offers virtual coaching, tech services, web design, content creation, and way more… But you’ll find the biggest difference in how much she will make a difference in your business, by simply encouraging, motivating, and helping you to accomplish your goals, and build your marketing business online.

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Marketing Strategies
I help high-performers, just like you, accomplish their dreams by putting their marketing business online to maximize their profit making efforts. With my assistance, entrepreneurs develop the clarity, consistency, and skill to pursue goals and achieve them. Together, we’ll create the team with whom you excel in your online marketing endeavors, growing your presence and marketing lists online.

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Are you challenged?

This year started out with some trepidation about where we were all going, and questions. Would we arrive? Would we arrive at January 20th intact? Well, we did.

Looks like we Made It!

And, while I know there are some out there who are ‘scared to death’ about the next four years… I’m not one of them. I’m feeling challenged to make this next four years the most profitable, successful four years possible. And I have the tools to do it.  Continue reading

Caffeine Branding – Coffee Moments Recognized By The Masses

yeah, monday is a caffeine branding moment.

When  you pour the morning coffee and realize it isn’t dark enough, you really NEED more caffeine than you’re going to get from that cup… And there’s cream. You have to add cream, because… Well, cream. Your caffeine branding moment isn’t quite done yet, and you really do want more. You NEED it. Continue reading