Coffee Consultation
Coffee Consultation
Over Coffee - Let's talk! You get to ask pertinent questions, and I'll offer you valuable answers, solutions, and information!
Responsive Web Design
Responsive Web Design
Put your marbles in the right basket with a responsive, solution-based, web design, created with YOU and YOUR business in mind. We personalize and solidify your marketing strategies!
Brand Effective Marketing
Brand Effective Marketing
We offer brand recognition relevant to your business, your services, and your products. Marketing made easy, happens when people recognize you and return - because they love you!

About Jan

“I’m convinced that about half of what separates the successful entrepreneurs from the non-successful ones is pure perseverance.”
Steve Jobs

“Determination will take you where talent, skill, and education leave you wanting to be.” Jan Verhoeff offers experience-based solutions, well-founded in education, and the skill set and Jan Verhoefftalent to get you where you want to go. Her areas of expertise can be broadly defined as ‘internet business development’ and yet, her love of design, web development, and writing keeps her web design clients happy.

With a solid background in business law, administrative finance, and pro-active marketing, Jan impacts business development with knowledge and expertise grounded in experience. A team player, Jan runs a tight ship of independent entrepreneurs who connect through services, products, open-solutions, and key elements of opportunity. Her network includes professionals in many areas of expertise, and she never hesitates to recommend the ‘right expert for the job’ if it’s outside her realm.

Meanwhile, you won’t be disappointed with the results this high-energy professional brings to your online business. She offers stellar solutions, and success!

She’s mom of four successful adults, and grandma to seven beautiful grandbabies. On coffee chats, don’t be surprised to hear a grandbaby in the background – she adores them, and often works with them playing nearby.


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