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I help high-performers, just like you, accomplish their dreams by putting their marketing business online to maximize their profit making efforts. With my assistance, entrepreneurs develop the clarity, consistency, and skill to pursue goals and achieve them. Together, we’ll create the team with whom you excel in your online marketing endeavors, growing your presence and marketing lists online.

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Twitter Marketing Rocks SEO

Somewhere around my office I have a book by Joel Comm chatting up the advantages of Joel Comm Twitter 2.0social media via twitter. Twitter Marketing 2.0 or some crazy thing… And it works. I’ve read it numerous times, scrawled notes all over the margins, dogeared the corners, and added post it notes, page markers, and note pages, increasing the value of the book by millions of dollars, and YEARS of experience.

So do I recommend it?

Of course, I do. I recommend ALL of Joel’s books.

And then I recommend you read my feed, because I add value to marketing options found in many professional marketing books. In my feed (here on this blog post and others) I often promote specific books, then mention topics and subjects relevant to what I’m sharing. Continue reading

Time Management For Geeks

Did you ever get up and turn on your computer and six hours later, find yourself still sitting there doing what had to be done? SIX HOURS at the screen? Seriously. YES. I’ve done this. Time management isn’t much of a thing when you’re a geek, doing what you love.

No coffee. No bathroom breaks. No motion other than the keyboard and the mouse. And a website is complete. BUT… I didn’t move.

When I realized it had been six hours, I started to stand up and nearly fell over. Time at the computer can pass very quickly when you’re intent on finishing the job. And quite honestly… Life can be happening around me and I may not notice. I can be that absorbed in my work.

time management Continue reading