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I left my phone behind…

It had been one of those days when I did the ‘right thing’ a few too many times. Something had to go wrong. And it did… I left my phone behind.

I stopped by a friend’s office and knocked at the door. She’d locked herself in because some ya-who was making threats and she was frightened. But, I was there… So I stopped in. Ran to the bathroom, and laid my phone on the counter.

As I did it, I thought, “Better be careful, you’ll forget you brought that in here.”

As you think, so you are.

How many times have I heard that concept. And then I did it. Sure as shootin’, I did it. I thought it. I actually SAID THE WORDS in my head, and left that phone right there. I never remembered it until more than an hour closer to home, and my friend had left her office traveling in the other direction.

How often do we create the exact scenario that we don’t want.

Leap and the net will appear.

I’m big on saying what you want, and knowing that it will happen. And more often than not, that’s exactly what does happen. I speak it and it shows up.

When we take a leap of faith, the net appears.
It shows up. Really and truly, it shows up. The reality of our lives in this world is that when we have the confidence to do what we need to do, and strike out in that direction, believing full well that God will complete the good work he has started in us (thoughts are a beginning) then we do achieve that which we strive to achieve.

Don’t wait for the perfect moment.

I often find mistakes in my articles after I write them, in books after they’re published, and in paintings after they’re sold. In fact, one painting sold for an incredible figure to art red haired girlenthusiasts at an auction with a horrifying mistake left uncorrected. When I painted it, I was distracted and forgot to add highlights in one eye of the woman in the painting. The other eye was fully highlighted, with glints of light reflecting from the pupil. The other eye was flat dark, without the highlights, and no glints of light reflecting, making it appear that the subject may have been blind in one eye. She was not.

During the sale and subsequent art reviews only one person mentioned the one thing I found fault with in the painting. Other people nit-picked the hair, the color of the sweater she was wearing, and the background. Some even criticized the layout and perspective of the painting.

I was reminded by another artist, “If they wanted a picture portrait, they should have used a camera. This is a painting, from your viewpoint.”

Life is like that… From our perspective, it may not be perfect, but the imperfection that catches us off guard, most likely won’t be noticed by anyone else.


Perspective changes from different points of view. What appears from one person’s view, may be different from another. We have to consider those view points when we consider our achievements, and goals. Where are we coming from, to get where we’re going?

I left my phone behind.

After a trip to see my dad this week, I left my phone behind. I put it on a friend’s desk, and just as slick as a whistle, I left it there.

I left my phone behind.

As if it was invisible, just laying there on the desk, out of sight and out of mind, I left my phone behind.

What did that teach me?

That my cell phone isn’t the most important thing in my life. I can actually go a day without it, and not really miss it very much. Oh, I needed a couple of names/numbers out of the phone, but seriously? Everyone on my phone, I can contact via other methods. So, I did that.

And… I learned something else.

I actually spent 30 minutes listening to Perry Marshall’s marketing course, and learned that I could reclaim my time by NOT using my cell phone or computer first thing in the morning. And I followed his recommendation… By noon, just a few minutes ago, I already had two new clients. And I didn’t use my phone.

Want to know how I did that?

First, let me tell you, this isn’t the first time I’ve listened to Perry Marshall’s information, nor is it the first time I’ve applied it. But it is the first time I’ve applied it without having my phone for a backup to call someone.

“Powerful action starts with clear thinking.” ~ Perry Marshall

My little application was simply to get focused and then do what I do best, I wrote something. It wasn’t BIG, or fancy, or even extremely difficult, but it was most definitely a creative opportunity for my client base. Here are my steps and the results:

  • I considered the past three weeks and the five top prospective clients I’ve spoken with during that time.
  • I wrote down specifically what those five clients really needed most. What problem could I solve for each of those five clients? Was it the same, or related problem?
  • I wrote out a 5 paragraph solution to their problem. (5 paragraphs, because if I can’t answer your question or solve your initial problem in five paragraphs, we need to TALK.)
  • What's your messageI sent out an email to those five clients – individually – and included a quickly written introductory paragraph, thanking them for the opportunity to solve their problem, and included the 5 paragraph solution – personalized where needed.
  • About twenty minutes later, I sent a followup email that said, “Did you get my message?” With an additional bit of information, and a link to “Buy me a coffee, for more information!”

NOTE: There was a FREE link for more information – written – in the first email. 

  • 2 of the five purchased a $49 coffee consult — which is a scheduled 30 minute consultation where we chat and I answer any questions they have “over coffee” as if we are sitting across the table from each other.
  • 1 responded that she would need more time to get her project together.
  • 2 chose the FREE option, clicked on the next link, and purchased the training package offered for a monthly fee, over a period of 4 months. They’ve already received their first packet, and have a scheduled consultation call for next week, after they go through the packet.
  • And done… I get to play with the grandkids all weekend, answer a few emails, or messages, and have some fun.

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The Hair Gel Analogy

gel analogyI did my hair day before yesterday and added hair jel before I put it on rollers, and then brushed it into soft waves… It looked really good. I like the ‘big hair’ look, and had fun arranging the curls before I walked out the door. The gel kept my hair pretty much in place even in the cold Colorado winds. And I glanced in the mirror after a long day with all the kids, grands, and my own hands scrambling through it randomly, to tame it from the wind, and it still looked somewhat presentable – even going to bed after midnight.

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