100 Day Challenge

What’s your goal?

I have several goals that I’ve written down in my 100 page ledger, ready for the challenge, but the biggest one is Getting my UMPH back.

Oh, I don’t know where I lost it, but the point is… I don’t have it. I wake up in the morning, wishing I’d gotten up early enough to see the sunrise, and feeling like I should have exercised already, and wanting breakfast, but not feeling the push, the desire, or the motivation to do any of those things. It’s like my UMPH left me and isn’t coming back.

Jan VerhoeffWhen I realized it was missing…

I decided it had to be found.

And that’s the point of this little message. Determination to find my UMPH.

I woke up to a leg cramp this morning, in my left foot. One of those that sends you flying out of bed with nothing to stand on kind of cramps, because your foot is in a bent backwards, sideways, and non-existent kind of position due to the muscle contraction that awakened you like a screaming death angel demanding your life and liberty in a sea of darkness that replaced the dreamland of flowers and sunshine where you’d been sleeping kind of cramps.

Because my dad is visiting and I’ve given him my luxurious suite, I’ve been camping out with my six year old grandson who quietly plays legos on the bottom bunk until he decides to climb the stairs and go to sleep on the top bunk… I often awaken to lego man poking me in the side, or worse, maiming me with the projectile porthole of his spaceship, yeah the piece I missed when I clear off my lower bunk bed to go to sleep. (Not complaining mind you, I appreciate the lower bunk, because there are slats by which I can pull myself out of bed, and push myself clear of the rail that separates our beds, so I don’t smack my head on one of the many 2 X 6 Oak boards that frame the bed.)

The struggle of this arrangement is the number of legos that make their way into the carpet to remind me that I should have turned a light on and picked ALL of them up before I went to sleep.

The benefit of this transition is the glorious sunrise that greets my day from his east facing window – a reminder that UMPH is available. I only need to grasp it and claim it as mine.

So, on this, the first day of my 100 day challenge, I’m alerting the world to the imminent change that is about to take place.

Life is about to change.

No, you’re not going to have to read daily blatherings about my UMPH or my challenge. In fact, this may be (or may not be) the only thing I write about it at all, until I share my accomplishments at the end of the 100 days.

Just know two things:

1 – The struggle is real.
2 – The 100 day challenge is a thing.

In case you’re wondering…

I didn’t scream in pain. Water and potassium (in the form of a banana) are miracle workers on cramping feet. And a blog post can and will kick the UMPH out of hiding if you allow yourself to write it at 4 AM and post it before you wake up enough to know you shouldn’t do that!

Lego Man is my new boyfriend.

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