30 Days

Thirty Days to Profit?


That’s all it takes?

Yeah… That’s all it takes to make a profit, if you’re willing to put forth the effort and make it happen.

But how?

Well, I’m going to give you some serious details about how to make a profit in just 30 days – using 7 easy steps that will make your success happen – right here:

1 – Get yourself a website with a content manager, such as offered here: 97 Program and learn how to add content, create info-products, or market services on your site.

2 – Generate traffic to your website, and filter them through your list building process. Do whatever it takes to increase your list to 200 active, targeted, buying clients.

3 – Set up an email campaign where you drive traffic back to your site through from your list.

4 – Create a product or service you can sell on your website.

5 – Drive traffic, grow your list, market your product, and fill your website with content (in 30 days, you should have at least 20 pages with viable, valuable content on your site).

6 – Set up a paypal.com buy now button so you can receive payment for your products and services.

7 – Deliver amazing content, products, and services to your clients and repeat the process.

These are the steps I take every month to make a profit. At the end of a year, I have 12 new info products, or services that I can offer on my website, because I create at least one new product/service each month.

I’m including a White Paper – here – Blog for Profit, so you can learn more about blogging for profit.

This can be a lot of fun… All you have to do is share your online presence and promote yourself, draw traffic, and make some profit online. Once you have traffic, there are often other businesses that will buy ads on your website. Looky there! A FREE profit making tip.

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