4 Content Strategies That Get Results

Content strategies that make sense often include valuable solutions for your readers, but what about ‘other kinds of content’? Should you market through content? Should your readers hear about your latest greatest product in EVERY bit of content you send out?

Sometimes I feel like I brow beat my coaching clients with these details, but here they are again:content strategies

  • Don’t copy someone else. Be yourself.
  • Don’t badmouth competitors. Encourage them.
  • Don’t publish without a plan. 7 X 7 Matrix – USE it.
  • Don’t try to sell everyone. Find your niche.
  • Don’t spam your market. Give them value.

Now that I’ve pounded you over the head with the don’ts. (I hope I didn’t give you a headache.)

Let’s get on with the do’s.

Content Strategies That Get Results –

High-Quality Tower Articles 

Pack these with some powerful content, great sub-headers, valuable solutions, and keyword optimization that fits your market. You want to reach out to your niche and appeal to the right people. Your specific goal is to captivate those individuals who are hungry for what you offer without sounding like a salesman in a green plaid coat.

Invite Engagement & Response

Ask questions? Give your reader examples of real life, emotional content, and value. Ask their opinion? Invite them to engage and respond to your stories and articles. Encourage them to ask for more of what they want.

Pay Attention When They Speak

Did you ever ask someone a question and they never hear you finish before they start offering up an answer? Usually not the answer to the question you were asking. Listen. Pay attention to what your customers are saying, and answer the question they ask.

Follow Up With Value

There’s never enough… But you can always offer more. Did you know it takes 7 exchanges before a customer feels comfortable enough to buy from you? If you haven’t given your customers 7 opportunities to get to know you, to trust you, and to believe in you ENOUGH… Why would you expect them to spend money with you? Follow up your great content strategies with more valuable great content strategies and solutions.

content strategies

Do your content strategies include writing your story?

Whether you’re writing a transformational fiction, a how to, or some other basic genre, there are techniques and writing styles that you should immolate as you put your story in print. The elemental 7 X 7 matrix can be a huge boost to your writing efforts, since this matrix breaks down the elements of writing and allows you to focus on one thing at a time.

transformational fiction verhoeffWriting your story in a format of transformational fiction allows you to take your character through the transformation life. By applying a fictional foundation to your story, you ease the transition between immaturity and grown up, adulthood. Because your character has the opportunity to just exist in the mind of your reader… consequently, the reader can believe the outcome lies within them as well.

Furthermore, your reader accepts the outcome of the transformation as part of themselves.

There maybe bad things happening to me, yet I’m a good person. Life may not always benefit my life, but almost always I can change the outcome.

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