5 Simple Marketing Ideas

The most difficult thing you do all day is follow a rigid marketing strategy to market your business, but you don’t have to use that rigid structure every day. Some days you might want to simplify the process because you have other things to do, but still want to remind your customers and clients that you’re there, available and working.

Here are a few ideas you can put to use easily on those days:

1 – Quick Video

A thirty second video posted to your facebook account, twitter and linkedin might be all you need to remind your audience that you’re thinking of them, no matter where you are. Talk about your day, a product you’re developing, a meeting you’re attending, or even just a funny thing they might want to hear about… But remind them that this video is for them.

“Just thought you might want to know this…”

2 – An Audio Lesson 

A quick audio lesson, instead of your usual written blog post could be an amazing option. Just tell them the one thing that will make a difference today. Then STOP. Let them apply the lesson.

3 – Blog a Quote

Quotes can be quite effective blog posts, when you quote someone who inspires, motivates, and encourages your niche. Try a quote like:

   “There are no mistakes. The events we bring upon ourselves, no matter how unpleasant, are necessary in order to learn what we need to learn; whatever steps we take, they’re necessary to reach the places we’ve chosen to go.”

― Richard Bach

And leave it there.

4 – Post a Meme with Your LInk

A picture meme with words that mean something in your industry may be enough to bring your customers a smile, or even convince them to share your thought.

Brand Recognition

5 – Guest Posts

If you have a hectic schedule coming up and know it, request guest posts for your blog, to fill the spots when you won’t be there. Set the posts to automate and let the quick and effortless automation do what you might normally do with a blog post. Remind your guest posters to refer others to their post on your site, and keep your numbers high.

Marketing efforts must be consistent, but nothing says they have to become stale or expected. Change it up now and then to keep your readers actively paying attention, because you don’t want them to get bored.

If you’d like more marketing ideas, or help creating a marketing strategy for your business, please do contact me.

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