5 ways to light your fire!

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Let’s talk about what it means to light your fire, real quick…

We’ve all got that power to ignite the flame of passion that sets us on an unstoppable path toward our goals. It’s in the heart, it’s wrapped up in our soul, and it fills our every waking moment with inspiration, if we let it. But more than that… The empowerment to achieve our dreams can be ignited in our subconscious, making it absolutely impossible to FAIL.

candleEveryone has been in a totally dark room at some point in their lives and had a candle lit somewhere in the room. No matter how dark the room, a single candle flickering somewhere in the room brings light. That’s the kind of fire I want to help you light, to change your life.

“It only takes a spark… to get a fire glowing…”

as they say… Let’s spark your fire!

#1 – Create a spark

There’s always the part of creating a spark where you set the kindling on fire. A string and a stick can be all it takes to generate enough heat to create that first spark, but if it doesn’t fall into dry kindling, it won’t take. In this venture, kindling is an open mind, and the spark is an idea. Start with some brainstorming where you come up with several ideas that can kick you in the right direction – I’m going to be very honest right here —- your ultimate goal may not be visible from here — don’t let this scare you. You have to get started, so brainstorm some great ideas to get you off center and light that very first, ever important spark.

Get a piece of paper and write down every seasonal chore that you have to do right now, and then think of a way that you might be able to find ways to help others do those chores for money?

You need Christmas Cash, so how about offering to decorate houses for busy families. They provide the decor and you show up for four hours of decorating duty, for $165 per house? Or maybe, they need someone to send out Christmas Cards, or just take packages to the mail? Shopping?

#2 – Light your path

Write down a number, a dollar figure that you’d like to earn between now and Christmas. Then write down the number of hours you can spend working to earn that. Divide the amount of money by the number of hours. That’s how much you have to earn. Now schedule out times you’re available to work, and start scheduling appointments for those days.

Don’t have numbers? Here’s where you may have to push a few buttons to find numbers, and names. Call all your friends and tell them what you’re doing, ask if they know anyone who needs your services. Put an ad in the local paper, and post one on several local bulletin boards. Call your pastor. Usually there’s a bulletin board, or bulletin at church… Go ahead, donate 10 or 20% to the church! (Remember to increase your hourly wage to cover your extra costs.)

Write down your plan and pray over it. Give it to God and do whatever you have to do to achieve your goal.

#3 – Share the light

Share the goal. Share the opportunity. Invite a friend to participate in your great idea and work with you. It’s always more fun to do a job like this with two, and easier too. (Remember to charge for double the manpower, and split the tab!)

About those donations… To your church, toys for tots, and whatever other organizations you can contribute… Do that!

#4 – Feel the warmth

Do you feel that? Do you feel success oozing out of you? It’s surrounding you like a warm fuzzy blanket in the winter time. I can feel it all the way over here. and You’re passing it on.

Like a candle in a dark room, you’re warming the hearts of people around you.

#5 – Celebrate the benefits

The benefits of using a brainstorming session to generate ideas, contacts, network, and income, are huge. Seriously, HUGE!

  • You’ve got a notepad filled to overflowing with fast ways to make a few dollars.
  • You’ve got a plethora of contacts you can use for any local business endeavor (window washing or gardening in the spring) for fast capital to increase your business.
  • Your network is growing in your local community and this means local contacts who know you’re available and willing to participate if they need you.
  • Your income got an injection. Instant cash is an amazing bonus.
  • And you FEEL amazing, because you just lit the fire of the one person in your life who can make a difference. YOU.

I know this is a big deal for you, but it’s something I do all the time, to help people focus on their urgent needs, and accomplish their first goal.

Let’s find your solution!

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