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7 Specific Ways to Make Money Online — 6 Comments

  1. Hi Jan,

    Thanks for the shout out! All are viable ways to make money online. The cool thing is, if you share helpful free content for a bit then add premium streams you resonate with, and you build your friend network persistently, you will prosper.


    • Such a solid truth. The key is always offering premium streams of profitable work that prospers. Always good to see you visit my site. Thank you for leaving a comment. I appreciate you. Jan

  2. I’ve been asked to share how to make money selling on POD (print on demand) websites like Zazzle, Redbubble, Society6, and CafePress (there are more, but these are some of the largest).

    1. It’s free to create an account on any of these platforms. Be sure to read their terms of service and understand the rules for posting products.
    2. Create quality products using your own original* artwork, and post them for sale.
    3. Add relevant** titles, tags, and descriptions for each product.
    4. Post links to your products on social media, talk them up, join groups dedicated to sharing and promoting artwork, and be active in the communities dedicated to artwork from that POD website.
    5. Create a website dedicated to your artwork; add a gallery of designs (small low-res images only: 6″ by 8″ at 72 dpi works for larger images and doesn’t tie up too much memory); write blog posts dedicated to your artwork, include links to your artwork.
    6. Do it all over again.

    On Zazzle, it takes at least a thousand products to start seeing significant sales, but if your choice of subject matter for your artwork takes into account frequently searched “hot tags,” you may see sales much sooner.

    *Original artwork means you’ve created your design using your own creative elements and inspiration, and without pirating another artist’s artwork. Stealing other people’s designs will get your artwork deleted.
    **Relevant means that your title, tags, and description ACCURATELY describes your artwork. There is nothing more annoying and off-putting to potential customers than to have artwork come up in searches that doesn’t have anything to do with the keywords they’re searching on. For this reason, all POD sites find ways to shove irrelevant artwork to the bottom of search results where it isn’t ever going to be seen. You don’t want that to happen to your artwork.

    • These are great tips, Krystine! Thank you for posting such amazing and relevant tips here for readers who might want to sell their art on POD sites. This is a great season for beginning such a program, because you have time inside out of the weather to be creative.

  3. Would love to hear from other online marketers who market their products and services for profit. These stories help our readers. Be sure to leave your link in the comment details (not in the comment itself) so your readers can find you.

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