7 Ways To Connect With Your Readers

Do you ever feel confused about how to connect with your readers? 7 ways connect readers offers you clarification, details, and actual means of making those connections.

It’s a real issue when you know what you’re doing wrong, as a result you don’t know how to fix it. I’m all about the solution. Furthermore, I want to provide the solution, so finally, here it is:

Be transparent – 7 ways connect readers.

7 ways connect readersThe struggle is real, and we all have them. We all have challenges we face in our lives, and while we figure out how to meet those challenges head on, it also helps to share. Others face those challenges too. Be transparent. Yet, let your reader know you’ve failed, and you overcame the failure. Allow them see who you really are in the trenches. Show them your anger, your fear, your failure. Let the know you’re a survivor.

Write like you speak.

I had an amazing English teacher, and mom spoke with every comma, apostrophe, and period correctly placed. Proper grammar surrounded me. Perfect examples of grammatically correct speech surrounded my childhood. But I’m not that person. I’m not a grammar nazi. Correcting other people’s grammar, spelling, or punctuation isn’t my thing. In fact….I’ve been told that I’m the BEST editor with my publishing company, because I’ve learned to edit ‘in the voice’ of the writer. Yay me! I write like I speak. I edit what you speak. And that’s what you should do when you write articles. Write like you speak.

Be visible. Brand yourself for recognition.

About thirty-five years ago I started writing term papers professionally. I wrote them for grad students who didn’t have time to write their own. With a real knack for writing A+ term papers, there were students who would pay good money for a term paper I wrote, because they knew my term papers were A+ papers, EVERY TIME. I didn’t keep track of the titles, the topics, and most of those first papers, I didn’t keep any copies. So, there’s really no proof I wrote them, because they don’t even have a digital stamp. But… If a student sends me a paper as a sample paper, for something he wants me to immolate, I recognize my own work. Amazingly enough, some professors recognize my work… when students turn in revisions of those old papers now. Why? Voice. My voice is highly branded and recognizable.

Noteworthy… I quit writing other people’s term papers about 10 years ago, because the digital stamp is so prevalent, and it’s really verging on illegal to write someone else’s term paper. My admission. The point is still valid. When you write in a specific style, your voice brands you. Be visible. Be recognizable. Brand your voice.

Keep it simple and short.

Long, dreary, and boring content loses your reader. Keep it short.

Focus your thoughts for clarity.

Everyone loves the story. In fact, without the story, your message may get lost in trivial banter. You need to tell the story. But if you lose your reader in the story, by pushing aside the focal point of your message, your reader gets lost. Clarify. Focus. Get to the point. Make it simple enough to understand. Short enough to read. And clear enough to understand.

Impart real value and knowledge.

If we’re being real honest right here, I stole the content for this article. The actual idea, concept, and even a similar title came from an article that’s already been written, along the same conceptual idea. Because everything in this article is FRESH and new. It’s all original, even though I stole the idea. Why? Because the idea declared what everyone does wrong. I’m telling you what to do right. And I’m giving real value because I allow you to see the impact of information. I’m teaching you what to do. I’m teaching you to apply the content to your own ideas, in different ways. You can write challenges, or you can write solutions. And it’s two different articles, with different premises.

Rabbit trails are for rabbits.

Your reader shouldn’t have to mind map your content to find value. Seriously, there should be visible value in your content, from the first paragraph. Therefore, that value may be the purpose or point of the story, and other times, the value may be the bullet points, reveals, and details of every step-by-step direction your story offers. But it should be visible and easy to find as they read the story.

Stories MUST be interesting enough to capture the readers attention.

That’s when you need an edge of the chair experience – to keep the reader focused on EVERY word.

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