Well, yeah, this is the course where you learn how to casually write your story in increments, publish it, and get paid to do it in 7 easy and simple weekly courses.

No. Easy and simple do not mean the same thing.

It can be easy to learn, or simple to do, or both.

Follow along, will you?

Writers over CoffeeThe biggest question I’m ever asked by a writer is “How do I know my voice carries through the book?”

They ask all kinds of other questions, but that seems to be the question that keeps writers up at night… Well, that one and “How can I make money writing what I want to write?”

Writers are notorious for writing their stuff and putting it in a dresser drawer to forget about it until years later, when they finally decide to look for that stinky dead mouse behind the drawers (you know one will die back there eventually) and suddenly remember the 500 page manuscript they shoved to the back of the drawer because they were sick to death of their main character. You spent all that time writing the story, but you never edited it, and you never sent it to an editor to edit because you thought you couldn’t afford one. And you NEVER submitted it to a publisher.

Sarcasm is a voice.

Making money from your writing efforts can be as easy as publishing your book and marketing it. Of course, you’ll have to tackle the retyping of that novel before you can publish it, and I’m not about to get into the details of what that might include, but you’ll be able to do it quickly and efficiently. Improve your book as you’re doing it, and even edit along the way. Because today’s computers practically edit your book for you. Well, sort of…

And then editors, the good ones, are available online.

But before you do all that, you’ll want to learn how to WRITE for profit, and market your writing.

In 7 easy, fun, and simple courses, over a period of 7 weeks, I’ll teach you all the ‘big hairy secrets’ that I used to get my first PAID writing gig. Okay, not my first one, but the first one that came with an actual pre-payment to spend time writing a book with a well known author.

And… Heavens to Betsy, I never kissed a single big hairy writer behind to get that writing job either!

Honey is sweeter than Sarcasm.

Being sweet and silly can draw readers to your content, and flies to honey, but you might want to up the intrinsic value of your writing style with a twist of sarcastic sweetness.

It’s okay to flit back and forth between voices, as long as all your voices belong to the same writer. Your characters must be individual and personable. The reader needs to love your villain too.

Besides a wealth of information that you can use to market your writing for profit, such as:

  • How to write a press release that grabs reader attention.
  • Where to publish your press releases for maximum traction.
  • When to post a press release.
  • How to manage your blog posts for marketing benefit.
  • What to post on your blog to attract your reader market.
  • Who to share your posts with online for maximum traffic generation.
  • Where to publish your content to build maximum platform power.
  • How to build a writer platform where you can market your work.
  • WHY you need a platform.
  • Who will pay you for your writing.
  • How to charge for your work.
  • When to bill for your writing work.
  • How to get people to OFFER you writing work.
  • Where to find contracts for writing.
  • Who to connect with for writing jobs.
  • What you need to know before you generate a marketing strategy.
  • An outline for your marketing strategy.
  • Daily recommendations for writing projects that pay.

You’ll get fun writing tips like the ones above on this page, suggestions for creating powerful characters, and growing a page-turning story, plus… You’ll even get some tips on creating ‘edge of the chair’ compelling intensity for your storyline and plot twists.

All this and so much more for your 7 Week Writer – E-Course. Just click the buy now button below and you’ll be taken to the first step of your writer ecourse.