10 Website Design and Marketing Tips to Improve Your Local Business

Website design and marketing tips you find here will make or break your business. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to set your business on a direct pathway to success by ignoring these concepts, tips, and suggestions.

Business owners are just beginning to understand that 85% of all buyer decisions are made online. If you don’t have an online presence that’s 85% of the possible income for your business, passing you by for the guy who is online. A full 95% of people who buy online, do so from their cell phone. Responsive web design is absolutely imperative to meeting that market where they spend their money.

Now, let me show you how it’s done!

1 – Create Quality Keyword Phrases People Search

SEOSearch engines can’t find you if your website design doesn’t appeal to the keyword phrases your buyers will seek when looking for what you do. Be sure to know what people are looking for, so you can be what they find. Local search engine optimization is key to being found when people drive through your town, be sure you’re mapped. 

SEO can be fun and easy when you know how to optimize your content. I often use a plugin called Yoast to improve my SEO, because it offers reference points, of what to do, what to change, what to add, or what to take away. I like having the option of including good SEO on my site, with just a little bit of extra work when creating blog content.

2 – Use Competitive Website Design

Check out your competitors website designs. Do they show up at the top of Google? Are they on the front page of Bing or Yahoo? What put them there? You don’t want to copy their content, but you do want to compete with their content. Make sure what you have on your site is competitive and valuable.

3 – Be Relevant to Local Buyers

Local events and topics should be front and center on the news feed on your website design, with relevant content, solutions, and answers to any buyer questions that might come up. Be sure you’re the Go-To-Expert in whatever line you’re marketing, for local buyers.

Participate in local events and be brand recognized on all the local sites, websites, and invite others to post links back to your website. These back links will keep your bacon fresh and your hens sassy, as they say around some parts!

4 – Promote Websites Locally

Often the most significant local publicity you can have is to list your site on local maps, and share local news items on your blog. A significant number of local news, events, and updates in blog posts will bring recognition from your community – because they will find YOU when searching for those events. Be sure your website design includes enough information to keep readers on your site and looking for more.

Local marketing agencies sometimes offer great visual marketing in print, with web links, those can be extremely beneficial as well.

Real Deals Magazine

5 – Paid Advertising Online

Pay per click will take you to the top of the search engine, as long as you’re paying for it, up to your allowable budget every day, then you’re dropped back to whatever organic placement you’ve achieved. If you’re going to use PPC marketing, increase your organic placement options on your website design as well, to maintain some level of balance in placement.

6 – Big Name Marketers

While I don’t recommend them, because they don’t really do what they promise you they will, many people swear by yelp, yellow pages, and other high dollar marketing agents. They are an option, and can be used for a short bit to kick start your business online.

If you use them, be sure to incorporate their links into your website design.

7 – Chamber of Commerce & Other Local Groups

Business Development - Fish Tank StartupsGet involved in local marketing organizations, business development groups, and mass marketing efforts. I recommend joining organizations such as Fish Tank Startups, or a Coffee Connection – where you can participate either online, or in local groups to market and promote your website and business.

8 – Social Media Dynamics

website designOften overlooked, the dynamics of social media marketing can bring you to the top of the search engines in your community, as well as give you a powerhouse of resources to market your business. Friends and family share your links and promote your business for free, if you do the same for them. Just ask. Promote local events, talk about your community, and share pictures on your social media to gain greater impact from this resource. Be sure to connect on THEIR pages, too. Social media dynamics and sharing options should be incorporated into your website design.

9 – Local News & Radio

Offer an interview, show up for events, and be present in your community. By becoming well known in the community, you have the benefit of gaining greater business connections and being a part of the local resource network, which benefits you by becoming the go-to-person in your niche on a local level.

Add links to local news and radio stations when you create your website design. Your webmaster offers great suggestions for including live links to radio shows where you appear regularly.

10 – Run Your Brand

Brand your market fairly easily by purchasing t-shirts, hats, and jackets for family members with your brand on the front or back of them. Whenever you’re out – wear the brand. A signature banner on your vehicle, or a banner at local events posts your brand. Consequently, if your brand is self explanatory, that may be all you need… Remember, everyone knows the Nike Swoop.

A favorite flower shop has placed their brand around my community – when you see a small tulip with a number – that’s her. She’s easily recognized and everyone knows her as the tulip lady. She planted a field just outside of town, and people come from miles around to see her tulip field.

Your brand should shine within your website design, because showcasing the value of your business and what you offer is important.

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