A black mink coat…

I remember that night like it was yesterday, 27 people showed up for the meeting and I was standing there, leading the meeting in my black sweater dress. I wore pearls and black high heels. The sleek shiny gold threads woven into my dress reminded me that this occasion called for more. I’d worn my hair up in a rhinestone banana clip with curls that streamed down my back. And make up… I wore red lipstick.

Then she walked in the door…

Coffee & PearlsHer black mink coat absorbed every eye in the room. As if they were magnetically attracted, every person shifted to watch her stroll into the room, one step at a time. She took off the knit beret, and laid it on top of her gloves and purse, then allowed the man who accompanied her to lift the mink coat from her shoulders. The dark thin figure of a mature woman appeared, wearing black shiny heels, a narrow black dress, bunched at one side with a rhinestone clip near the waist, white gold rings, pearls, and red lipstick. Her smile stole the show, along with the twinkle in her black eyes, and silvered highlights in her short fluffy black hair.

Coach ApplicationI admired the man who accompanied her as much as any man I’d ever known. He was my hero, had been from the first moment I remember him.

When he walked to the front of the room, I introduced them together, but he took the podium. I sat near the front, beside her. I felt like a million dollars that night, gilded, polished, and dressed for success. I knew I had what it took to achieve the goals before me, and 27 people were there to witness the promise.

Plus 2.

Before she left that night, she handed me her mink. “Try it on. You’ll love the way it feels.”

I did. I do. That mink coat hung near to the floor even with the 7 inch difference between her height and mine, channel stitched, I felt every level of the silky smooth texture, the coat clung to my shoulders. Suddenly, I felt even taller. The room seemed brighter, and everything around me appeared to glisten, as if gilded with gold. I felt it. I knew it. I knew the incredible feel of a mink coat on my shoulders.

I felt wealth.

“You can’t sell wealth to someone who doesn’t understand the concept.” Her lips formed the words, and I heard them. Their cadence danced through my being, holding court with my comprehension, and I understood the impact of this night. It would forever linger in my memory, and I would never forget the feel of mink against my skin.

The mink, however, isn’t the reality that I comprehended that night…

Wealth is a concept.

When people talk about money mindset, I have to step back a bit and think about what they’re saying, because I’ve always believed that money comes to those who earn it. (I still do.) And I believe that if you earn it but always shove it away, it will never STAY and will always be broke, broken, and poor – because you are poor of spirit.

Wealth, the kind of wealth that oozes from a person, is a concept that comes from the heart.

You will never hear me say, “I’m poor.” I’m not. I’m wealthy beyond measure, I’m a daughter of the most high King, and His abundant wealth is mine. 

Abundant wealth isn’t necessarily money.

Denver Marketing ExpertThe mink cost a lot of dollars, but it wasn’t about the dollars spent. It was about the feel. putting that mink over my shoulders gave me a sense of warmth and well being that extended beyond the money it cost. I felt as if I’d been wrapped in the arms of God.

And I truly had been wrapped in the arms of God. Not just when I put on the mink, but in the presence of people who understood the depth, the power, and the perspective of principle over purpose. Ethics, integrity, and principles of life make a difference.

When you understand the principles that rule our existence and live within those principles, value those principles, and understand that nothing comes to you until you give it away, wealth… All the wealth of the world is yours.

Claim your wealth.

This isn’t the name it, claim it, variety of faith and power that some believe they get from religious faith, or even through taking no action, this is the kind you get when you actually take action based on your own belief, words, and behavior. When you believe in your own ability enough that you take steps to achieve your goals, make the effort required to accomplish goals, and begin to see the ‘dream come true’ you can begin to claim the wealth of achievement. This process takes effort.

I talk to people everyday who WANT something. They want money, retirement, income, money to live on, and even work they can enjoy and appreciate. The want recognition and fame – in a variety of different ways, but that’s what they really want – the results of being recognized for their efforts.

But those people are not willing to make the effort necessary to achieve their goals.

You can claim your wealth by making choices, taking action, and working to achieve the goals you set. Quite often, when people see you’re working toward a given goal, they’ll join you. They’ll come alongside you and work with you to achieve your goal. Sometimes, they’ll even partner with you, send you buying customers, clients and associates who will partner with you. That’s the ultimate objective, finding viable partners who will participate in your success, by helping you attain it.

And I learned the key concepts from a lady wearing a black mink coat… What an amazing woman!

What can I do to help you attain your success?

Leave me a message, drop me an email, or give me a call. Let’s find ways to help each other.

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