Jan Verhoeff

“I’m convinced that about half of what separates the successful entrepreneurs from the non-successful ones is pure perseverance.”
Steve Jobs

“Determination will take you where talent, skill, and education leave you wanting to be.” Jan Verhoeff offers experience-based solutions, well-founded in education, and the skill set and Jan Verhoefftalent to get you where you want to go. Her areas of expertise can be broadly defined as ‘internet business development.’ And yet, her love of design, web development, and writing keeps her web design clients happy. She offers awesome graphics design.

With a solid background in business law, administrative finance, and pro-active marketing, Jan impacts business development with knowledge and expertise grounded in experience. A team player, Jan runs a tight ship of independent entrepreneurs who connect through services, products, open-solutions, and key elements of opportunity. Her network includes professionals in many areas of expertise. She never hesitates to recommend the ‘right expert for the job’ if it’s outside her realm.

Meanwhile, you won’t be disappointed with the results this high-energy professional brings to your online business. She offers stellar solutions, and success!

Beyond entrepreneur…

She’s mom of four successful adults, and grandma to seven beautiful grandbabies. On coffee chats, don’t be surprised to hear a grandbaby in the background – she adores them, and often works with them playing nearby.

If you ask what her hobbies are, she’s likely to tell you “writing” or “work.” Because she loves what she does. But she likes to travel too. Her favorite jaunts often include rainy afternoons, driving through the mountains, looking through the trees at the rivers, streams, or other mountain features. Have you ever driving through the pines so thick if you listen it sounds like rushing water, and there isn’t a stream anywhere close enough to hear? That’s her favorite moment.

Her favorite song: Whispering Pines.

Words. Although some may believe they are a necessary evil, are Jan’s friend. Jan adores the sounds, the way they roll off the fingers onto the page, and the element of surprise when they come together with new and valuable meaning. She espouses the contentious belief that words have meanings, and attempts to portend those meanings to the world.

“Have you ever picked up a book and immediately felt like you were part of the story? I read a lot, and if I’m not into the story within the first two or three pages, I won’t read that book.” Jan reveals in an audience of writers.

There’s a clear line of connection between active voice and passive writing. Those who push their reader away by injecting space between the words and the reader, can’t bring the reader back. Functional writing is active. When Jan shares writing concepts, rather than tell them, she shows the reader.

A Fortuitous Moment

Clouds drift across a clear blue sky. The sun hides. Thunder rolls. Rain drops splash across the earth, drenching my world. In some minds, this brings sadness. In mine, the rain brings a fortuitous moment of relief. I crave the rain, I live in the clouds. I experience the power of fragmented energy.

(From The Pathway, coming soon to a bookstore near you.)

Recent publications include:

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Jan has several books published and available on Amazon.com – including a selection of helpful business topics, and short, quick, reads that will put your business online.

She offers many topics in course-work, here on her website, as well as consulting. Please do look around, visit the blog, and find topics of interest by using the search feature. Jan offers helpful tips and recommendations with FREE ACCESS in her blog.  Please do take time to comment when you find helpful tips.


Yes, I’m available for consulting. If  you need help getting your business started, coming up with ideas for a business, or becoming an entrepreneur, I’d be happy to help you. Starting your career as an entrepreneur, and building a business can be difficult, without a mentor. Don’t hesitate to call. Let’s talk about ways for you to build a successful business.

Be determined. Never give up.

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