Acquire These 10 Good Habits to BE Successful

Every now and then, a person asks what makes one person successful and another person an utter failure in business. I used to struggle with that answer, until I realized there are 10 specific habits that are necessary to be successful, and those who fail don’t have them.

1 – Dream Big

churning watersSuccessful business owners dream big dreams. They look at what they have and SEE what they want. They understand that what they have isn’t the absolute limit of what they can acquire, whether they’re looking at skills, capabilities, or physical assets, they realize that they can improve their skills, excel in capabilities, and add assets. And what makes their dreams come true ultimately is their belief that they have the ability and can achieve whatever it takes to make those dreams a reality. They have faith in their vision, and are dedicated to making it happen, whatever it takes. Dream bigger.

2 – Opportunity

Everyone has opportunity, no matter where you’re born, where you come from, or what you do in life, you’re given opportunities to make choices that will take you where you want to go. Everyone has this. What you do with those opportunities, which choices you make and how accountable you are to your own decisions will ultimately determine the results of the opportunities you’re provided. Choose well.

3 – Take Action

Whatever you dream, whatever opportunities you encounter, none of it will do a thing for you until you take action toward achieving the goal. If  you won’t take the first step, you can’t get to the mile marker. It won’t happen if you don’t make the effort. Take the first step.

4 – Prioritize

You can’t do it all at once, so don’t try. Write it all down, prioritize what needs to be done, and get started on the first things first. Small steps, doing one thing at a time, making a consistent effort to accomplish the initial requirements of a project will help you to achieve the greatest goals. Everyone knows from the beginning that you can’t do the greatest thing first. Nobody climbs a mountain, the first time the have their hands on their gear. They hike first, then they climb. First things first, prioritize.

5 – Ask for Help

Denver Web DesignerDon’t try to do it all alone. The dream may require a trainer or a team, but the chances are really good that it will need more than just you to get the job done. Ask for help. Invite others to come alongside you and work toward your vision. Whether it is someone who can accomplish part of the goal, or a group of people who share your goal, find the team you want to work with and invite them to help you  achieve your vision. Bring in support.

6 – Bounce Back

You’re aware from the get-go that there will be trial and error, some things you attempt may be out and out failures, but they aren’t the end all of your dream unless you give up. How fast can you bounce back, rebound from a failure, and be ready to try again? To quote my father, “Get up and get back on that horse, he’ll get tired of bucking you off eventually.” Yeah, I still roll my eyes over that concept and spend a few days rubbing my backside because it hurts – still – but the reality is clear, if you get back on task often enough you’ll achieve your dream. Sometimes you’ll have to find your way over, under, around, or through an obstacle, but you can do that if you’re willing to do whatever it takes. Pick yourself up and try it again.

7 – Confidence Matters

How stubborn can you be? Stubborn enough to get the job done? Yeah, some stubbornness is a good thing, if it means you’re determined to go the distance, make the effort, and achieve your goal. Confidence comes in hard and heavy when you realize that YOU can do it. This happens as you make the baby steps successfully and move steadily toward your goal. Don’t give up. Don’t give in. Take no prisoners. Get the job done. YOU can do it!

8 – Never Fear Failure

Once you understand that Einstein didn’t FAIL at creating the light bulb, he simply found 987 ways not to do it, you can feel better about walking away from what doesn’t work to find what does. It doesn’t matter how many times you find out your method isn’t the right one, what matters is trying again. Never let failure stop you.

9 – Build A Tribe

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Whether you have a business with employees, managers, and a one man business where you call all the shots and do 90% of the work yourself, you still need a tribe of people around you to encourage you, keep you motivated, and to share your ideas and thoughts when you need feedback, or just want to talk. Your tribe are trusted confidants and encouragers there when you need them, and sometimes there when you don’t need them. People whom you rely on, and work with so intently that you don’t have to explain every step of the way to get feedback on whatever little thing you need.

Tip: You’ll have at least three tribes in life: a spiritual tribe, a personal tribe, and a professional tribe.

Know your tribe well.

10 – Delegate

No matter what your business is or does, you cannot accomplish every single thing that needs to be done in  your business, delegate some duties. In fact, I would recommend you delegate anything that isn’t actually MAKING YOU MONEY as soon as you’re able to do that. Because if you’re not earning money from it, you need to let someone else have the pleasure of doing that little detail. Become a good manager.

If any of these things are missing in your professional character, you’ll need to work on them. Of course, if you need some help working on these, building these or growing your business – let me know.

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