Are you afraid you’re not doing it right?

find your own pathConfidence is a really big thing these days – and most of us lack confidence in one way or another. I tend to beat myself up frequently over not ‘getting as far as I wanted to go’ with this project or that project, or maybe not selling as many books as I needed to sell.

The problem comes when I realize that – my goal and my process may not have been connected. Then I beat myself up some more for not connecting the dots.

How refreshing it was to read this message on Facebook this morning from my good friend Ann Zucchardy:

I was at the Second Bank of the United States portrait gallery in Philly yesterday – a look at the lives and backgrounds of men and women who were instrumental in developing a new nation. I realized many of them did not have degrees from big name universities or designations from professional organizations. Many were self taught. The common qualities I noticed in all were creativity, perseverance, unwavering self-discipline, focus, and not spending time thinking about what others think. I thought about my own career and professional development and my worries that I’m not following the path that many “gurus” follow and thus am not developing my career “correctly.”

And then I realized that many notable people never followed the prescribed, in-vogue path of the experts of their time.

In the words of the infamous Sargent J. Jameson, “Well, I’ll be a candy-assed monkey – they didn’t follow the plan either!”

And that my friends was when I started putting it all together and creating something with more value than the protocol for success I’d been attempting to follow.

1 – Realize the best education you can have is the experiences God gives you and the lessons you’ve learned from doing it right, doing it wrong, and all the classes in between. Those lessons were all about bringing you to where you are today. Look back and figure out what it was you were learning and seek to understand and apply that knowledge.

2 – Do it yourself. Holy smokes people, you’ve learned the lessons on your own time table, apply them. Get up in the morning and make good the application of those lessons. Self examination, learning from your mistakes, and being who you were meant to be will take you a long ways toward achieving your goal.

3 – Be creative. It’s overused, but thinking outside the box that seems to be so literally confining might be a really GOOD idea. When you open the door to creativity a whole lot of problems can escape. Once they escape, you don’t have to worry about most of them anymore and you can use your creative thinking to find solutions for what is left over.

4 – Don’t stop. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve watched a business owner give up just before the profit showed up. Don’t give up on your dream. Keep moving deliberately toward your goal, one step at a time. Keep moving! Don’t stop.

5 – Set your schedule, design your routine for success, and do it every day until you succeed. The problem most people encounter when moving forward toward their success is distraction. The Bright and Shiny Object you’re chasing isn’t what will help you succeed. Stop chasing ethereal flakes of glitter and stay focused on the goal.

6 – Do it until you achieve your results. Once you’re focused, you just have to keep going, stay on target, and do what needs to be done. You can do this. Just keep doing the next step toward your goal until you achieve it.

Note: Some may think the last three are the same. They’re similar, not the same. Reread them!

7 – Stop worrying about what other people think of you. It’s really NONE of your business what they think of you, and if they’re sharing those details, you can feel free to remind them you don’t want or need to know. I struggle with this one. I’m an approval seeker, but when I realized I really don’t need to know what other people think about me – I found myself happier just being myself.

Be who you were meant to be and you’ll have achieved far greater accomplishments than anything you’d ever be able to achieve if you were attempting to be someone else.

Be yourself!

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