Are you challenged?

This year started out with some trepidation about where we were all going, and questions. Would we arrive? Would we arrive at January 20th intact? Well, we did.

Looks like we Made It!

And, while I know there are some out there who are ‘scared to death’ about the next four years… I’m not one of them. I’m feeling challenged to make this next four years the most profitable, successful four years possible. And I have the tools to do it. 

Businesses will be deregulated and opportunities opened up for success that have NEVER been available before in my lifetime. I expect massive changes in the way people think of opportunity. In fact, I fully expect there to be many ideas that have been ‘stuffed down’ to be picked up, acted upon, and pushed to success and beyond.

Because of a president? No. That would be absolutely silliness on my part, to give one man the credit. He couldn’t possibly have THAT much affect on the people of this nation. But I’ll tell you what I do believe caused it…

Good old fashioned American “Can-Do Spirit” 

It’s contagious. It’s infected the people of this nation for nearly 300 years, and while some feel they can contain it for a bit, maybe even  have thoughts of eliminating it… The truth is, there’s no vaccination for it. You can’t be inoculated against it. And there is no cure.

If you have the Can-Do Spirit, you are UNSTOPPABLE.




Inspired to achieve.

Motivated to accomplish your dream.

Fueled up. Revved up. Fired up.







Friends, if you could join me here for just one moment and think about the opportunity that we have in our hands right now… Let’s think about the energy that we have, the GO-POWER that can be transformed into TRANSPORTATION to move the people in this country from FEAR to an UNSTOPPABLE FORCE OF GOODNESS.

JohnnyJohnny was a cute little boy. He lived with his mom in a small middle-American town, in a small house, on the wrong side of town. He struggled to get through the days at school. He knew his mom was working hard. But he wanted to help her.

One day, as he was leaving for school, he ran back and gave his mom one more hug as she put away the dishes from breakfast, preparing to leave for her job. He said, “Mom, I love you. I want to help you.” And she took a moment and said to him. “Son, the best way for you to help me, is to become the very BEST YOU that you can be.”

Johnny ran out the door that morning, determined to be the very best because that’s how he could help his mom, the BEST.

Be the very BEST YOU that YOU can be.

If each of us put that into practice, every day… What could we achieve?

John D. Rockefeller, raised by a devout Baptist mother, while his father, a traveling salesman of questionable character, was on the road. He overcame great obstacles that could have held him back to become a number cruncher, where he honed his skills until he and his brother entered the oil business. His personal net worth accounted for nearly 10% of the nations GDP, one of the wealthiest men ever.

What impossible obstacles must you overcome?

Andrew Carnegie grew up in poverty that forced his family to relocate from their native Scotland to America. As a young man he worked as a messenger boy, moving up to earn just $4 a week. Mentored by Thomas Scott, of the Pennsylvania Railroad Co., Carnegie eventually invested $40,000 and multiplied his wealth until he became a key player in the merger of many steel companies to create United States Steel. At the time of his death, he had given away more than $4 billion of his fortune to charity.

What could you do with $4?

BEST Business Model

What could you do with $7?

Did you know that if you have 30 people paying you $7 a month, that’s $210 and the 72% of bankruptcies in America could have been prevented with just an extra $100 a month of income? Did you know that most MLM businesses generate about $7 per sale? Some more, some less, but about $7 average? Did you know that most people spend about $7 a day on non-essential items?

For about the price of a dozen donuts, or a cup of coffee and a breakfast sandwich, or lunch… Consequently, you could be building a business, one month, one customer, one sale at a time?

Are you DETERMINED to Make a Difference?

John Paul Dejoria sold newspapers to help support his struggling family, headed by a single mom. Extreme poverty forced him into foster care where he joined a street gang during school. Later, he joined the U.S. Navy, but even the military didn’t put him on a path to success. Dental school didn’t work. He couldn’t afford it. He tried sales and again failed. Ultimately, he partnered with hairdresser, Paul Mitchell and together founded a hair product company. He has expanded to other avenues and achieved great success.

He sold products, for small profit. A lot of them!

Because you can make a little money often, and make a lot of money over the long run. You don’t have to make all your money on one sale. 

What do you do AMAZINGLY well?


Barbara Jean was a single mom managing an apartment complex, but she needed an extra $300 a month, to put her son into a private school near her cupcakehome where he could get the music lessons he needed to excel. For years, she had baked amazing cupcakes on the day her tenants paid their rent. Several of them had said, “You should sell these.”

She asked a tenant, “Would you buy a dozen each month?”

The tenant said, “Girl, if you’re selling them, I want two dozen.”

Barbara Jean took orders that day, and scheduled deliveries through the month. She took orders for more when she delivered those. And when she collected the rent the next month she took more orders. She made her $300, and more. Before long, Barbara Jean was hiring help and setting up shop in a newly furbished bakery. Her cupcake business is still growing.

What do you do well? What can you sell? What skills do you have, that you could improve to make a business of your own? Can you think of ways you might be able to use what you already know to become successful?

Could you learn a new skill?

What can you sell?

Chris Gardner, single father of a young boy, struggled to raise his son. Determined to make a better life, he sold medical supplies. But it wasn’t enough. He met a man driving a Ferrari and asked what he did. Gardner was accepted into a program at E.F. Hutton. When that didn’t work out, a string of unfortunate events left him alone with his son. But he kept at it, earning a position in a training program at Dean Witter Reynolds. Still destitute and homeless, he ultimately started his own firm, running it from his apartment. He is an excellent representative of the American Dream – a success story. A successful life built on determination.

Yes. He built that!

If you believed in yourself?

Do you understand your predicament?


Back to basics. This is a football.

Michael Oher achieved fame as a football player. His life movie, based on his book “The Blind Side”, chronicles a life of homelessness, foster homes, and insecurity, until he’s adopted by a family who simply lifted him up. He was motivated and encouraged to become a standout player.

What would it take to be ACCEPTED?

What would it take for you to ACCEPT yourself and understand YOUR predicament?

How determined are YOU to CHANGE your predicament?

Yes. You can Make a Difference.

Arnold Schwarzenegger overcame a rough childhood, an abusive father, by building muscle. He evolved from humble beginnings to eventually become Governor of California.

In each of these situations, the person didn’t have a perfect life. They each had obstacles to overcome, and they set out to be the BEST they could be. With determination, dedication, and a desire to achieve something greater than they were, more than they had, bigger than they’d ever known. And consequently, they did.

What about you?

I’m extending my discounted consultations into the new year. I don’t know how long. Because these coffee consults have been extremely beneficial for several people, and I really want to help as many people as I can to kick off this amazing new year, overcome your challenges, and build the empire you dream of – whether you’re working for yourself, or working for someone else. Let’s make this happen!

coffee coach

Your predicament, situation, and challenges… The ones you face today, don’t determine the outcome. You do, because you make choices that change your outcome.

Click on the banner above and let’s build your business, because you don’t want to be stuck where you are RIGHT now, for another single day.

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