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“To see a reflection of your body, look in a mirror. To see a reflection of your mind, read what it is you write. And to see a reflection of your character, look closely at who your friends are.”
~Steve Bonham

More often than not, when we look in the mirror we find fault with our body, our face, our hair, our clothing… Nothing is perfect, and we find the error, and while it’s possible to make changes in what we see there, the reality is that most changes are going to take some time… Reflections aren’t going to be perfect, but they are the true form of what is.

Evil TwinWriting reveals what’s inside your heart, in your mind, and even directly… what is inside your soul. You can’t write a lie… It just doesn’t computer. Even an author who writes primarily fiction is bringing to light his deepest heart images, and what he thinks about the most. If you read a fiction book and know the author well, you’ll find his character in the characters of his book. The good, the bad, and the ugly will all be there, you just have to look.

We gather near us, friends who are most like us.

To explain this, I recently became extremely agitated by a friend who frequently offers snide comments on my Facebook posts. Her comments add nothing of benefit most of the time, and more often than not send me reeling into a spiral of frustration because she uses her snarky tone to bite back at me for having a different opinion than she has about many issues. And truly, we are not that different in most areas. But her biting snark can often reveal the tidbits of idio-crasy in my viewpoint.

So how is that a reflection of me?

Yeah, I can be the same exact way. I can be rather snarky, and it isn’t exactly a part of my personality that I want to celebrate most of the time. I’d really rather be a nice person. I’d rather not be the snarky twitt that I don’t like in other people.

I deleted the post I’d made, because it brought out of the woodwork other people whom my comment had not been intended toward, and I realized that my post had created a bigger problem than it solved. Deleted, the problem went away, but the friends remained. My hope at that point was to educate, rather than instigate more snark.

I’ll continue to do that – primarily by not leaving snarky messages on other people’s posts.

Be the PersonMaybe my friends will realize that communication doesn’t have to be snarky.

And maybe, by listening myself… I’ll be able to make a difference for others. That’s my hope.

I want to see more of the character I want to have myself, in my friends…

Even if that means making new friends.

And that starts with me first… I have to be the kind of person I want to meet.

This doesn’t mean I go get rid of all my friends, it means I become the person I want to meet, the person who is that kind of friend and my friends may be looking for THAT person too. By inspiring others, I can be inspired myself.

Join me, and let’s inspire each other to be better people!

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