Article Marketing – GIVE First, Then Invite Them Home

“It’s all Sales, isn’t it Jan?” she asked…

Nope. It isn’t. When you create a powerful message that brings people to your website, you give way more than you sell. People want answers. They need solutions. They’re looking for a way to save money, make the best of their situation, and live a better life… You have to give them those things first, then invite them to come back to YOU for more of what they’re looking for with a link.

Simple, right?

What is it you’re selling?

I’m a web designer who sells websites, marketing, and business development for a living – people who buy from me are seeking ways to make money online, supplement their income, or provide replacement income for their 9 to 5 job, or maybe even retire from their 40 year plan. In today’s world, the need to increase income, or build a secure income is great. We can do that.

So, I talk to those people in articles I create to provide solutions, answers, and details for their online business. If they’re not there, yet… They want more information and they click on my link.

Ask yourself these questions:people

  • Who are my buyers?
  • What are they looking for?
  • What information would help them find my business?
  • What can I give them, to help them make a buyer decision?
  • How can I bring in more buyers?

These questions should help you know what your buying customers are looking for and help you set up informative content that will help them make a viable solution, or direct them to contact you for help to make that buying decision.

What do you offer?

Consulting? Do you offer consulting? Can you direct your buyer to the BEST available product in their price range? Can you give them value without selling them a product? Do you offer valuable information they need before they make a buying decision?

area of expertiseIf you don’t know what you have to offer your clients, if you’re just selling the same product everyone else sells, you’re not setting yourself apart, drawing in an audience, or making a difference in your market. Without those details, you won’t be the best in your industry, because you’re ‘just like everyone else.’ What can YOU offer your clients that is better than the other guy?

For instance:

Every web designer offers:

  • A variety of great templates.
  • Fast, high-quality tech services.
  • Great hosting.
  • Domain and maintenance, support.
  • Some graphic elements and copy.

But I offer more:

  • 30+ years of business development experience.
  • Well-grounded, high-quality marketing expertise.
  • Detailed and personalized graphics.
  • Copy generated specifically for YOUR business, personalized to you.
  • Advice and consulting for advancing your area of expertise.
  • More than 35 years of teaching Marketing Systems & Strategies with Application.
  • And so much more…

What do you offer that is different from the rest of the people marketing your product? What’s so special that I, or anyone else, should call you? Why would I want to pay you my hard earned money to buy your product, when I could be purchasing the same thing from generic, just-like-everyone-else, no-name, no-person company?

Who buys what you sell?

Who are your buyers? Who buys what you sell? Who needs what you have to offer? What will they pay for what you have?

When you figure out who actually is buying what you have to offer, you’ll know how to sell your products. 

One way to determine who is buying your product is to look at your current clients. If they’re in a specific income range, age range, and have a constant ‘similar’ dynamic, you may have just found your niche…

For instance, one of my more dedicated client bases is relevant to the political season. I sell dramatically more social media during the last 9 months of any political race. (This season is coming to a close.) For that reason, one entire segment of my marketing base is dedicated to the Political crowd and those who work in that realm. Amazingly, I don’t work for just those political figures that I support, but rather have been able to open up a broader base of clients and serve a wide variety of political clients, including some that I completely disagree with on principle. When the season is over, I often have clients with cyber real estate they either no longer need, or don’t know what to do with. Some have options, because of how they named their political site, and others can only use their site to show gratitude to their supporters. The point is, there are niche markets that may be relevant to your services, where you can market specific items for short term use, or even short term gain. You just need to find those specific items and fill that niche.

Who buys what you sell?

Let’s figure that out…

Write down a list of specific things that you have in your hand that you can market, right now. Either products you’ve created, products you have at your disposal, or services you can provide to increase your personal value. Once you know the value you can offer, look around you and see if you can think of five people who need what you offer. Put those five people on your Niche List (yeah, it’s the season, I’m channeling Santa Claus) and create 3 or 4 solution based articles that those five people could use to find solutions, in your niche. Then offer them consulting, your services, or a product in the end of those solutions.

I’m going to share one of my favorite seasonal money makers:

The blessing of the holiday happens when we remember the reason for the season… Christ is born. Home is beginning to look a lot like Christmas…

What does your home look like, this season? Love filled? How about hope? Is there hope in your home?

For more information about seasonal decor, visit this:
Article Source:

If you’re looking for ways to make some quick cash, I will share that this has in seasons past been one of my biggest money makers. Put an ad in the paper, and on the bulletin boards at the store and in your church. There will be many who call you to come decorate their homes, because they work, they’re busy, or unable to decorate. Or Christmas shopping for someone else. You can do this – you just have to find the clients! And it’s an amazing seasonal money maker!

Use your skills to help others. Find your area of expertise and apply it to your life.

I can help!

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