Basking in the Glow of My Own Ego

Sir WinstonI have a friend who has a dog named Sir Winston, and earlier today it was revealed that his dog has two pubs in England named after him. Sir Winston is a pub with lavishly luxurious leather benches and seats, decadent woodwork, and gracious elements of brass detail, where you can purchase a drink or become inebriated on too many drinks. The choice is yours. But the dog belongs to Stan.

A simple thread revealing the whereabouts of the English Pub, took a turn toward ego and I was reminded of another discussion a few days back… Where my ego was mentioned, along with my judgmental attitude.

I’ve been nursing the wounds for a while now, realizing first off that I do have an ego, and it’s quite substantial. In fact, in the area mentioned, I might even add that it’s as big as the universe and worthy of praise, and honor, and glory. The ego is quite large, defiant, and demanding. With more alacrity than I might have realized existed in another setting, I’ve come to believe that my ego may indeed be the foundation of my success, my personal esteem, and ultimately my eternal happiness.

What, you may ask, is the value of my ego?

Eternal life.


The Universe.


Because, you see, my ego is God given, God created, and in all reality created in His image.

Sir Winston PubIn much the same way that Sir Winston claims dominion, ownership, and priority over the Pubs bearing his name, I claim God as my own, I claim his presence in my space, and I claim his priority as mine. I can see a few of you raising your eyebrows, but you need to follow this path a bit further as we traipse through the muck and mire of my life.

I claim God as my own, because when I can’t breathe because the burden is too big to carry, he carries it for me. He lifts it from my hands, bears it’s weight and leads me and my burden on through travail. He carries me through the sands, bearing my weight and my struggles, lifting me above the waves that might pull me under, and placing me on high ground, where I will be safe. He is mine.

I understand that he can’t be mine – alone. I must not be selfishly egotistical in my claim of his time, and yet, I can have all I want of him, and there’s more than plenty to go around. He’s made it known that his presence is everywhere. And he’s there all the time.

So, that means I can call on him as often as I want.

Therein lies the purpose of this article. As big as my ego is, and as much as I appreciate the glow of God living in me, I’ve realized that it would be a huge miscommunication to allow anyone out there in the land of businesses believe that I’m the omnipotent God who can meet their needs, all the time, any time, in every way. AS their web designer, marketing director, and copywriter – if I attempted to serve in that way – I would fail miserably. In fact, I would fall flat on my face and not be able to pick myself up, if I attempted to serve in such a manner.

So, boundaries.

Yes, boundaries.

Boundaries allow you to have personal limits and still meet the needs of your clients. As big as my ego is, I require some time to feed it. You know, time to pray, time to study my Bible, time for family and friends, and time for meetings and marketing with other clients. Yeah, it takes more than one client to keep the overhead paid and gas in my truck. So, down time, or time management to serve my clients is important. If you pm me, or message me, or email me, I’ll get to you the next time I check my service, and that will most likely be within 24 hours, but I most likely am not available 24/7. And my techs won’t answer anything on social media (they get really irate when I ask them to take private messages).

Just so you know, I take walks, take personal time, eat fairly regular meals, meet friends for coffee, and frequently schedule meetings for work time hours.

Tonight, I had a 9 PM meeting with a client almost an hours’ drive from home. AMAZING coffee, BTW. Just thanking my lucky stars those chocolate zucchini muffins aren’t available at the local coffee shop. I might have to give up coffee.

And then there’s sleep…

It’s random, but I do require sleep in dubious quantities.

So if you can’t reach me by phone, text, messenger, or email…

My ego and I are counting cracks in my eyelids.

Sir Winston, if your Pub is half as amazing as that Coffee Bar, it’s a date!

Let’s do Coffee! Click the banner below and buy me a cup – if it’s good coffee, you’ve got me for up to an hour…

coffee time

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