Be an echo, in a world of visionaries…

I got my vision checked today, and it’s working. Quite well, I might add. It’s way up there past 20/20, in the clear and dynamic section, just to the right of platitudes and paradigms.

Marketing PlanI have a few favorite gurus… Some I mention in blog posts, like name dropping celebrities in Hollywood, to not only grab some attention, but to make points. There are a few points that need references, and blog posts about making money online should be referenced, punctuated, and glamorized with true-life money-making online personalities.

I can’t be the only one… (did you see me ‘ha’ onto my fingernails, and polish them on my shirt? see what I did there?)

echo world visionariesIn this narcissistic world of celebrities over-impressed with themselves, there’s got to be room left for a few common folks. You know, the ones who don’t see themselves in lights, standing on mountain tops, or caught up in the occult of self-celebration. There’s got to be room for folks like us down here, who just use what we have to make a difference.

Confidence isn’t JUST for those who stand on ledges!

Echo World Visionaries

Down here in the valley, as I look up to my favorite gurus standing on the ledge overlooking life, I ask, “What do you see from up there?”

Joel Comm reveals peaks of wonderment, clouds of IT growth and potential, and views of leaders in actionable places, accomplishing great adventures. Oh how I love watching him achieve his goals, share his insights, and celebrate his achievements! I admire his tenacity to keep pushing forward, upward, and onward, like the diligent and pragmatic guru that he is.

Marnie Marcus invites us to watch as she plans her events for the year. (And we do, BTW – which reminds me – I have to go sign in!) Marnie’s marketing Mondays are amazing! If you haven’t attended one yet, you don’t know what you’re missing. Whether you’re a fan or not, join her for an audio/visual exchange of value for your time, and get something out of her lessons.

visualize your goals

Sean Mize offers insight into his coaching programs, teaches you as you look over his shoulder, through audio and visuals, but mostly audios. I load them onto my phone and listen as I drive, sometimes thinking “I ought to write that down” but more often, simply applying them as I build my next coaching program, or train my next client. His insights have been invaluable. I treasure every one of them.

Jeff Herring. Bless his heart, has taught me more about rejuvenating content, making it work for me, and creating a business that shares my message than maybe anyone else online. Well, except for Christopher Knight (who really deserves his own paragraph BTW) who spreads my work near and wide, while chasing his drone in a Tesla (I know, that isn’t exactly how its done).

There are so many up there, and the air gets lighter (I know, I live at 7,000 feet). But you know, down here – a little lower on the mountain – I may not be able to see forever, but there are some amazing vistas.

And when I scream into the abyss – it echoes back.

Dare to Be an Echo!

There are literally lists of gurus who are celebrated in the internet marketing industries, and many of them have made thousands of dollars, doing what they do. Sometimes MILLIONS.

And you could definitely go to one of them, and hear what I might tell you. But you’d be missing something of value that I do – they don’t.

While they get together frequently and learn about new, innovative, and visionary opportunities, they’re not usually in the trenches working on a shoestring budget, making their bills with money they’ve earned. They’re pulling in ‘mega bucks’ as part of the visionary leading team. They’re the dynamic paradigm upon which internet marketers rely for updates, innovation, and NEW concepts. Those of us who dare to echo their efforts, work on the standards, the working principles, the consistent and valuable efforts that work every single time. We hear their innovations, listen when they tell us what is working and what isn’t, and we prove the tried and true.

You don’t have to say the same thing! Use your own voice. Be your own person. But don’t keep reinventing the wheel, when you don’t have to.

Jeff HerringJeff Herring, several years ago, taught me this message that he learned from Tom Antion, “You have a responsibility to put your message out to the world in such a way that you make a profit, so you can pay your bills and keep promoting your message.”

I share it often, because it means something to me. It means that while others may be sharing the valuable message that I know and understand, my voice will reach people who may never hear the message anywhere else. They may never hear the message, because it wasn’t meant for them.

Originality isn’t all it’s cracked up to be.

It isn’t that there are no original thoughts left, but rather that original thoughts come together to form new ideas. When you blend different original thoughts, or ideas from different concepts, you’re not originating anything that hasn’t been thought of before, but rather putting together ideas that may not have been combined previously in the same way.

Echo Visionaries Successfully

The key to being an echo is to echo visionaries with your own vision. Know your own skills and knowledge, know your own value, and have a vision of your own. All the celebrity gurus that I follow have their own view. They do their own thing, and although I use their expertise to gain more knowledge, and to promote my business, my business has a different base. I have a different niche. I market differently, to different people. When my business does overlap theirs, it’s because I provide services their buyers need that they do not provide.

Check out the big names, Eban Pagan, Neil Patel, John Rhodes, and Dani Johnson. Buy their stuff. It’s quality. Then sort out their message and apply what they offer to what you do. Be an echo with your own vision.

Find your message and share that message – for profit.

Do you need some help finding your message?

Let’s talk, over coffee!

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