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Steve Bonham

You’d think, when you’re really good at something, you’d be confident… But that isn’t always the case. There are many who wait for someone else to tell them they’re confident, they’re good at what they’re doing, or they’re skilled.

But if you’re really good… Don’t you already know?

Leaders are not necessarily the BEST at what they do, they’re the ones with the confidence to tell others to follow them.

For decades, I’ve been sharing the possibility that anyone can be an expert at anything, provided they choose to be an expert at that thing.

Data MiningAfter several months of sharing links, talking about data mining, and the profit that could be made providing a general service for other bloggers and marketers, I learned that a client no longer provides that service. At first, I was surprised. I was shocked actually, because she had been amazing at figuring out the keywords, algorithms, and mining details that brought up the best lists on the internet. Then it hit me… She didn’t think she was good at it. She hadn’t become confident enough doing it, to charge for her services.

Thinking back over the past few months, while she offered those services, I don’t recall her ever making a concerted effort to let the world know she did that. Lack of confidence? I know if she reads this article, she’ll recognize these details, and I hope she didn’t lack confidence to share her ability to mine data and create lists. She was amazing at doing that! I watched her just one day, and she really had great methods of finding the right people.

I suspect many of us – myself included – lack the confidence to share our talents and skills as if we KNOW we’re the best at what we do.

Oh how often, I’ve wished I had someone barking at me, “Use your confidence! You can do this!” Then I hear the small voice inside say, “You won’t listen to me.” And I know…. I have shut down my biggest cheerleader, myself.

Coach Steve Bonham wrote:

“Play with confidence” I barked to my point guard after he backed down from the kid guarding him. “You have enough skill and athleticism to believe that you OWN him”.

Games are never won through timid play. The trophies go to those with enough courage and talent to believe they’re the best on the court.

And so it goes. The importance of CONFIDENCE and its role in your ultimate success. For confidence breeds loyalty, risk taking, commitment, accountability and perseverance. Show me a person lacking the aforementioned and I’ll show you a person short in confidence.

I can’t give you (or any of my players) confidence. You have to seek and find it yourself. I can only offer support, love and possibly, guidance and wisdom. The rest is up to you.

A person without confidence is not one you want to go into “battle” with. They’ll leave you high and dry and will never be “big game players”. If you want to live victoriously….find confidence in yourself and in those you hang with.

Do you need a coach to bark, “Play with Confidence!” in your business? In your life? In your world? Do you need to hear someone tell you to ‘step up your game’?

If you need to hear that, listen up, because I’m telling you right now – HAVE CONFIDENCE! Step up your game! You’re better than you think you are at what you do. You have what it takes to accomplish the task at hand, get the job done, and earn the TROPHY. You can be the best, if you’ll just do what has to be done to prove it.

Show up! When you’re marketing online, you literally HAVE to show up at the top of the search engine in your area of expertise. You have to TELL the world you’re good at what you do.

I can help you do that.

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