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Be the success. Are you caught up in the masses of lost websites, blogs that never get read, and missing details of how to be successful? There was a time when I felt like I’d never achieve my dream. I’d never find success? Never? That’s a hard call. Especially when I knew the secret of being successful, was really to just be willing.

Are you willing to be the success?

One of my best friends is so frightened of success that she literally pushes it away ALL the time. She can’t handle the thought of being successful, so she isn’t. She struggles with absolutely every single thing she does, because she’s scared to death of success. When I realized how extreme she is in this issue, I was texting her in the hospital.

She’d literally had a panic attack because she thought she was doing something RIGHT.

And she did this more than once…

Read Obstacles

So, if you’re afraid of success, if you’re literally afraid to be the success… Stop right now, give me a call and let’s figure that out, first. Because we can’t MAKE you successful if you’re afraid to be the success.

be the success

Get a Jump on Business Success!

“I’m always on the edge of something big.” He spoke the words, then realized what he’d said, and grinned. He was a big man, a brute in his day. A looker, and some said a has been. I knew better. Still an amazing man, he was filled with love, kind hearted, and successful by any standard. The ‘gold standard’ and I’d had an opportunity to get to know him pretty well.

He explained, “No matter how amazing today can be, tomorrow can be better, when we open our hearts to the possibilities.”He was the World Champion Wrestler in 1936, with a diamond and gold clad belt to prove it. I’ll never forget the day we were introduced. He reached across the table to shake my hand, and held onto my hand a moment longer than the handshake, looked down at my fingers in his, and said, “Young lady, you have powerful hands. And I’m going to gamble there’s a mind to match them.”

I’d never really thought about the size of my hands until that moment, but as big as his hands were, I could definitely hold my own in a hand shake. Several weeks later, he laid his hand over mine in rough measure, and said, “I’ve never known a woman with such large, yet tender hands, and the lady understands it isn’t what you hold in your hands that matters, but rather what you let go…”

You can’t HOLD success.

But you can open up and let it flow through you. Let it dance on your fingers, until they tingle with excitement. Allow the thrill of success to fill you up as you pass it on to others. If you’re always there, giving more of yourself to help others, doing the work to be successful, success will flow through you. You will have – flowing through you – all the success you can handle and every bit of it that you deserve. Open your hands and your heart to success and allow it to flow.

No matter how amazing your life may be, know you’re always on the edge of something better. Success comes to those who give to others. Get a jump on business success by giving more than you receive.

Tap into Worthy Resources.

You are the average of the five people you spend the most time with.

Have you ever noticed that your friends are a level playing field? This concept swelled out of a tea party where I visited with a friend I hadn’t had an opportunity to spend much time with for a few years. I was sitting at a table with my back to the crowd, and I heard the man at the next table make the statement, “You are the average of the five people you spend the most time with.”

The conversation that sprung up at that table was quite interesting, as they juggled the net value of the people surrounding them. Finally, after several moments, between the delivery of the last cup of Wassail and another bite of fudge, one of the other men there said, “I’m thinking you’re right. Because although my company changes daily, the mix of wealth never really changes.”

Know Who You Have Access To.

As a struggling young entrepreneur, I found myself surrounded with struggling new business owners, because small towns tend to have a lot of those. Then, one Sunday afternoon, I had gone out for lunch with friends, and realized the restaurant was buzzing with VIPs.

Many of them I knew, but I wasn’t a regular among their social network because I couldn’t always afford their luxuries. As we finished our meal, several friends stopped by to greet us, I introduced them to my friend, and they went on their way.

Monday morning, I had some ‘super sales’ come across my desk, and Tuesday night, I attended a political fundraiser as a guest of a client. Again, I was surrounded by wealth and power. Wednesday I again enjoyed some super sales results, and the realization of where those sales came from was not wasted on me. I knew and I recognized. I understood the importance of being ‘in that crowd’.

To be successful, you have to be the success.

Put yourself in positions of power and influence. Go where you can join others who have more power, more influence, and more wealth than you have. Be the success.

Let’s put you on the road to success with a quick consult and a plan to kick your business into high gear, with great resources.

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