Impact your online market with a value-packed SPLASH! Impact your market with a Bigger Splash generated by the Best Value Website & Marketing we co-create with you, using your business platform. Often, we get caught up in the size of our business, the number of people on our team, or the box within which we work, and those limitations don’t determine the impact of our SPLASH.

Consider for a moment, if your business had a bigger audience? Would you make a bigger splash, if you impacted more people?

Jan Verhoeff

What’s your vision? Is it complete? Can you expand your vision?
There are many ways to perceive the visual aspects of life – I view life as being outside the marble. I am the marble, but how big a splash I make in this world isn’t determined by my size but rather by the size of the pond into which I am dropped – Ripples matter!

The size of your splash isn’t determined by the size of the marble you fit within, but rather by the size of the pond. Ripples matter!

Everyone wants the best value option for marketing their website, and this is it.

Make a BIG SPLASH online with the BEST VALUE Website and Marketing available in today’s market. We offer the most value overall, and the most consistent marketing value over the life of your website, because we know the size of your impact on the world isn’t determined by the size of your business, but rather by the size of your market.

You get essential pages designed and set up with SEO structured content, specifically designed to market your ideas and concepts without having to add paid advertising to your project.

This site is inclusive of the initial set up and consultation, to help you build your professional platform and business online, including limited marketing copy, edits of your copy, and marketing consultation to assist you in the process of designing your online business success. Your ability to generate income, develop high-impact content, and create a continuing marketing program for your business will be assisted by our consultants.

We work with you every step of the way to create a successful online presence and a persistent ripple in the internet marketing pond. You may find a better deal on the internet, for providing a website, but you won’t find a more complete online marketing program, and web design set up – anywhere else with this much potential for success.

This is the most complete program we offer at such a reasonable price point!

What you get with this Best Value Website:

Best Value Website

Responsive Website Designs by Jan Verhoeff

— A 5 – 7 Page website with interactive links to your online media, conferencing, forums, and social media marketing efforts. (I work closely with you to be certain all links are included in your website.)
— Access to public recognitions and informations. (You provide all documents and evidence of these to be posted.)
— Links to your marketing profiles and projects. (You provide access to these links, profiles, and projects for me to place them in your website.)
— A signin, to gather names and information from readers of your website, to send them pertinent news and updates.
— Marketing content and SEO details managed and updated each month to help viewers locate your site on the internet.

This marketing website package includes domain registration and hosting package.

For a very limited time, this whole package is available for JUST $697 with a continuing monthly fee of $397.