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Birds fluttering outside my window, clouds gathering overhead, and I’m thinking about better blogging ideas for my clients who blog. Almost anyone can come up with something to write on their blog, but will it capture the attention of your reader? Will it bring your reader back to read what you write next week? Will it bring traffic from anywhere?

coffee with a friendLet’s take a stroll through this thing called a blog and get down to some basics.

First off, I want you to think about your blog as a conversation between you and a good friend over coffee. What would you talk about? Do you think you’d talk about the product you’re selling, and go into great detail about the contents of the product, or the price?

Sometimes, putting a product on your blog is a good idea, because yeah, your friends what to know what you sell, and how much you charge for what you sell. Yeah, I make product offers too… But the key is randomly offering a product, but more often than you offer a product – tell a story.

Think about this… If you’re meeting a friend over coffee don’t you tell stories? Do you maybe talk about the funniest thing your kids did this week? Or maybe you tell her the most embarrassing thing that EVER happened to you – and how it happened this week in front of your boss! Or perhaps, you share the latest love-interest you’ve found and how it makes you feel?

While you probably have a few secrets you don’t want to SHARE because they’d be embarrassing to just spew out to the world, but what about the rest of your life? Aren’t there some interesting details in there that you’d like to share?

A blog post is a conversation with your reader.

friendsThink about one person who might read your blog post, and tell that person a story.

Answer any questions they might ask. Ask a few questions yourself. Bring up interesting subjects to discuss, and add in any stories that strike your fancy.

For instance, I just read a blog post by a blogger, who described her products in almost clinical terms. I read through the blog and kept thinking of questions I’d ask if I were talking to her about the product. The blog post could have been fascinating, but instead… It seemed a bit dry and uninteresting.

How do you come up with topics to blog about?

I have a fun list of blog topics to blog about – and usually, a whole list of titles to use – these are above and beyond the business blog posts, about things like Better Blogging Ideas. I’ll toss out ten of these below – and you’re more than welcome to swipe the ideas, or the titles. Although, I recommend you change the titles a bit, so we don’t all have the same titles on our blogs.

Blog Post Ideas & Titles

1 ) Bad Dinner Situation – 5 Ways to Survive a Bad Dinner Date
2) Wardrobe Malfunction – 3 Ways to Recover from Wardrobe Malfunction
3) Coffee Break Shenanigans – What Happened Over Coffee This Morning?
4) Auto-Correct Embarrassments – What NOT to Say to Your Client in a Text Message
5) Chaos and Laundry – Time Management for Household Chores/Getting It All Done On Time
6) Courageous Moment – 3 Ways to Overcome Your Most Fearful Moment
7) Stuck In Traffic – 5 Things to Do When You’re Stuck in a Traffic Jam
8) Dinner Guests – 3 Ways to Screw Up a Perfect Meal
9) Wedding Dress Fitting – 5 Ways to Fit Your Wedding Dress Better
10) Broken Toe – The 5 Funniest Things That Happen When You Break Your Toe

Now for the fun part – we get to take one of those exciting blog post ideas and tell a story (non-fiction or fiction) and apply it to a product we market online. Are you ready?

What Happened Over Coffee This Morning

Do you ever have the unstoppable urge to wear your coffee? Some days, I just can’t help myself. Wearing a white blouse with a white sweater embroidered with pretty flowers, and the coffee cup just wouldn’t stay upright. Not once, but TWICE, I tipped the cup too fast and dumped coffee down my shirt.

You’d think I was just learning how to drink coffee!

Not only dumping coffee down my shirt, but the most embarrassing part, was I had a client sitting at the same table. I felt like a child wearing mom’s jewelry and high heels. I’m almost positive my sweater was three sizes too big.

And it wasn’t as if he wasn’t watching me dump coffee down the front of my shirt, either.

Not once, but twice, his eyes followed the coffee stain down the front of my shirt to my rather well endowed bosom. If I weren’t such a total klutz, perhaps I’d have been able to sell him a website. But, my klutz-ness convinced him I’d be a lousy web developer.

However… I saved the day with my wicked sense of humor, and he hired me to write content for his new blog! Win-Win for me, he needs a blog, so now he’s buying the website from me, and paying me to write his content.

Sometimes being a total klutz with a cup of coffee can be a total boost to your income – if you’re a web designer, who writes content, and has a wicked sense of humor.


If you need a website, or blog posts written for your blog, you got it… I’m your girl. I have coffee brewing!

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