Bling it up!

I have a new client. She’s amazing. Her ‘thing’ is to add bling.

She’s new to blogging, but she isn’t new to bling. And the challenge she added to my life is to add bling, because I’m ‘boring’. No, she didn’t say I was boring, she says I’m amazing too. But I know I’m not a bling girl.

Boring Business DeskIn fact, most days, I’m pretty black and white, boring. I’m the get ‘er done, coffee cup on my desk, and if it isn’t red – the rest of what is on my desk isn’t colorful either.

Unless  you call ‘documents’ colorful, the most colorful thing about me is my language. I do tend to use fragrant, well-scented words. Okay, the vocabulary thing… Well, it could probably use some color, too. I write a lot of legalese, and manual type ‘stuff’, but occasionally, I go all out and write some fiction, fantasy, or purple prose.

I’ve even been known to write a mystery or two.

I love my job. I’m not that girl in the picture, who stresses over my work. I’m more of the job loving, graphics artist writer who gets so involved in the project that I forget to go to bed… Like now. I’m up, wide awake and writing at 1:34 in the morning, because this article just kind of popped into my head, and I thought it might be important to share it.

I love my job. I love what I do. I love the fact that I get to do it at home. And I’m loving the concept of creating my space in a way that shows off my idealism and energy.

Workplace with flower books and a coffee cup with text 'I love my job"Adding color, pizzazz, and vibration to my space so it doesn’t LOOK utilitarian is my objective, for the next week. Because, let’s face it… Tax season is over, and I’m ready for some SPRING in my life. Flowers. Color. Pizzazz.

What about you?

Are you tired of working in a boring office?

Let’s take a moment over the next few days and add some color to our lives, brighten up the space where we work, and bloom where we are planted.

My challenge to you – 

Show me your bling.

I know I have some clients with some serious BLING – I have one amazing client who wears a RED CAP. That’s bling. Tell me about your office and workspace in the comments below, and let’s brainstorm some bling for the desktop, or in Hugh’s case, our top.

If you need some help with this concept, or have a question about how you can LOVE what you do? How about Java with Jan?

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