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For a mere $49.00 per month, your blog stays on our maintenance program, hosted for FREE, with a stellar accessible program to keep you blogging up a profit. We offer inclusion into our Blog for Profit program where we send out frequent blog topic recommendations, ideas for making your blog profitable, and suggestions for items to sell on your blog.

While we can’t guarantee profit for your blogging effort, we can certainly add to your ability to make a profit by including you in our Blog for Cash idea newsletter, when you sign in and let us set up your blog.

First month includes your domain and monthly program, for set up, and we require a one year membership in our subscriber services. If you continue, we update your domain annually as part of our maintenance plan.

First month fee:

  • $15.00 for Domain purchase and set up.
  • $49.00 fee for maintenance program.

All set up in a single payment, with monthly subscriber fees scheduled for the same day for the next 12 months.

Maintenance plan is on-going.