10 *outrageous* Confessions from 2012

Brutal honesty may not always be the best thing to give out, but what else qualifies as a confession?

1 – moving into a new house is NEVER fun, but I have to admit I really enjoyed moving into a house with an amazing view of the mountains. Love it!

2 – even more than I enjoyed moving into the new house, I was thrilled to be rid of the old landlord and the pot smoking downstairs neighbor. YUK to both.

3 – having all four of my children under one roof for part of the year was an amazing experience. Especially with three of them grown and the forth well on his way to being an adult!

4 – being a full time part of three grandchildren’s lives was the BEST experience I could have hoped for as a Grandma.

5 – I really missed my son-in-law while he was serving our country in Afghanistan. REALLY!

6 – continuing the process of building my business through this past year has been a REAL winning deal. I love my clients.

7 – burning a client bridge and understanding that my boundaries allowed that *client* to happen in my life sends chills down my spine. But I was SOO Glad when court was over and he was GONE for good.

8 – learning to embrace contracts was good.

9 – wearing high heels to political events when your feet hurt create gymnastics worthy events on red carpets – THANK YOU Texas cowboy for being there to help me up with cameras ready to snap. I’m sure there MUST be some photos remaining out there that will eventually be used for blackmail. But rest assured I will continue to deny that I could be THAT klutzy woman!

10 – fail is just a four letter word describing education. There’s nothing that makes failure permanent except acceptance of the unacceptable. Learn from it. Shake it off. Succeed.

BONUS REVELATION — Alaska has always been MY personal frontier and I always wanted to go there. 52 years into my life, I went. And I celebrated my 53rd birthday with my daughter, my grandson, and an amazing friend, whom I hadn’t seen since childhood. We had a total blast!!! I definitely want to go back to Alaska and I’m determined to do so – THIS year.

Kenton Verhoeff


One thought on “10 *outrageous* Confessions from 2012

  1. Great post Jan.

    I enjoyed 2012 in so many ways myself. Challenges all over the place including the death of my baby brother, a surgery, loss of some friends and joy realizing that a lie had been said which dominoes into something huge and untrue. My joy was lost for awhile while I struggled with boundaries for some people in my life. I suppose one could call it growth in character. I struggled with re-grouping and getting my joy back. It’s hard to be mis-understood but Praise the Lord! Jesus still reigns and he caught me and pulled me out of the mire of life to restore my joy even more.
    Yes, all in all, 2012 was a good year and I had my first novel, Vapors, published. Come on life, bring it on! :)

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