Beyond Success – Development of the Business

Somewhere beyond the screams and yelps of success is the business that will succeed, will last for a lifetime, supporting you, driving you, bringing you forward to the next season of life. What goals do you have that are not based on success, but on the act of living?

Jan Verhoeff - Expert Marketer, CopywriterWhen the process of growing a network is first presented, we’re told to visit our warm market. More and more as I watch businesses grow and develop, there is NO WARM MARKET. The family and friends that used to gather around and support the masses have become PTA Moms, coffee buds and connections from whatever job or other activity we belong to. What happened to friends and family?

The distance now, between family and friends, the support of yesterday, is shocking. But not out of bounds. With the transient lifestyles many of us have adopted, the shocking part is that we haven’t taken our community with us. About twenty years ago, I was told that the average person remained in one location for about three years, moving on to a different, usually better job, and a different home. That has exploded to be a move about once every year and a half. It is literally unusual to find a family who is in the same location for more than eighteen months. Is that surprising to the average American, those settled into their homes for a lifetime, but moving from job to job for a better way of life?

Where does the opportunity come from?

As a child, I knew a family who left for greener pastures, but returned about ten years later, about the time their son and I entered high school. Greener pastures hadn’t grown well on them, and they literally returned to the same job they left, the same house they left and the same home town they’d left behind. It made little difference for that family.

Other families have chosen similar paths, and I’ve noticed similar results. Either the change is minimal or little, but there’s been change and disruption. My own family has been a wondering spirit through the 27 years I’ve had children. I won’t even admit to some of the places we’ve lived. Would I change it?

I might, but I’m not convinced that moving was ever the problem. Success has come from the understanding that whatever we did, wherever we went, the real success was not in where we were but WHO we became.

Success in business is the same. It isn’t the steps you took to get there, or where you end up. It IS who you are when you arrive.

Be successful, beyond success.
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