Duck Dynasty – family values rooted in faith

I haven’t been following the calls. Duck calls usually aren’t an attraction for me and the abiding faith within just doesn’t pull me in the direction of the Television very often.

Train them up in the way they should go.

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However, Duck Dynasty has my attention. Not because I watch it on television, or even because they’re the hottest thing since sliced bread and peanut butter. Rather, because I’ve noticed a new American trend developing over the acronym of duck calls. I hadn’t been out to eat in a while, during what is considered the family dinner hour. But I joined a friend at dinner last week in a family restaurant. Several families filled tables near by and I heard one father say to his brood, “Let’s pray before our food arrives.” At another table, I heard a child say, “Look Dad, they’re doing what Duck Dynasty does. Will he say ‘In Jesus name’?” I notice that father invited his family to bow their heads after their order was taken too.

Faith –

The appropriate position of leaning on God to provide all that is needed and knowing, because you asked, it will be provided. No doubt. Faith. The key solution to life everlasting is FAITH.

Ps 2:8 [says] ask of me and I will give you the nations………

Family Values –¬†

Men who dare to be men, and women who are strong enough to put those men in the lead. I look around at the men who molded America and I don’t see many wimpy wives, in spas getting their toes done. I see hard working women who understand the source of power, using it to achieve their dreams and support the men they’ve been blessed with in their lives.

I see women who have taken the lead when necessary, and men who take responsibility for their successes as well as their failures. I see men who step up and do what is required of them to achieve their goals and ambitions, because that’s what they are supposed to do. They do the hard stuff, they do what’s needed, and they do it because that’s the kind of values they live by.

Roots –

A crushing blow to reality right now, in this political era to see deep family roots taking hold and leading the way. When all the racially divisive pundits would have you think otherwise, a reality TV show such as Duck Dynasty comes along to motivate the world to take a stand on family values, basic principles and foundational elements found in the Bible, in the Constitution, and in the purpose of our existence to prove that it isn’t MONEY at the center of our reality, but rather GOD.

God is who created this big wide world, and He is the foundation we must stand on, in Jesus name.

Duck Dynasty

–¬†family values rooted in faith.

Who knew? A bunch of rednecks from Louisiana could spout out wicked truth, live like Christians on principle with values that prove the Bible and Constitution of the United States and draw bigger audiences than Miley’s senseless sexual misbehaviors on the world wide web.

Ps 2:8 [says] ask of me and I will give you the nations………

Keep asking America!

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2 thoughts on “Duck Dynasty – family values rooted in faith

  1. Amen, Jan! I’m glad for the faith they’re living out big and bold in front of the rest of us. I don’t seem to have the time to watch when Duck Dynasty is on, either, but I’m glad they’re taking a stand and living what they believe in, and that God is blessing them.

    • Me too. I hear about them constantly and have never watched an episode. The boys sometimes show me snipets on and I love their story.

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