Endless moments…

The writer in me challenges these words, because there is no such thing as an unending moment.

“We are eternal beings set on a journey and the journey takes place a moment at a time.” 

Life goes on…

Or Life comes back…

At what point of dying do we stop?

Most everyone has lost someone dear to them by the time they reach adulthood, but most of us don’t experience the loss of our life partner until we are older… ready? Never ready, but older, able to understand that life here on earth isn’t eternal. Life here is but a wisp of time… a moment transcending into the eternal wonder of forever, the unbroken circle.

Those who lose the love of their life before marriage, understand a portion of the concept, that love is fleeting, in the last breath of a moment shared, one will remain. The other is gone.  Life doesn’t stop for your broken heart.

Life is eternal.

The pain of the moment will suck you in, bring you down, and hold you at the bottom until the life in you fights its way to the top again, where air flows, breathing takes place and the suffocation of death cannot steal you away. But life will bring you back…

Imagine taking that journey with another…

Imagine stepping into her world for a moment of time, a fleeting moment, when life stops. As she holds the love of her life in her arms when he takes his final breath, fear choking back tears, and the energy that is living, breathing inside turns cold as stone, and his soul wings its way to heaven.

Imagine that feeling, that moment.

Then take the next step. And the next. And the next… after that… as life comes back.

Imagine the living being that acknowledges death, comes to grips with the fear of ending, and succumbs to the living, beating heart of continuum, knowing that as it ends… so, it begins.

and life comes backAt what point does dying stop, and life comes back?

The raw emotion. Pain. Agony. Anger. Fear. Joy. Laughter. Life exists in us all. When it fades from us, that moment of life disappearing can take with it all the hope of all tomorrows, but for those who remain living… And life comes back…

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