I’m an elephant. I absolutely adore them. I think elephants are the most incredible creatures on earth and I really appreciate their features. I’ve collected them for years.¬†

Not the sparkly, shiny ones with jewels and velvet, the African variety that is plain, gray and wrinkled.

An elephant baby - forgivenI’ve heard an elephant never forgets. And yet, an elephant can be trained. By putting a chain around his foot, you can teach him to stay within the boundaries you set. As big as he is, he offers a timid¬†countenance, gentle and caring on a level that leaves one wondering why? Once trained, an elephant can be tethered by a string, and he will remain in the boundaries he’s been trained to hold.

My consensus is easy.

They forgive.

They may never forget, but they forgive.

Those who train them to live in a small circle, are forgiven. Because an elephant rarely goes beyond his chosen location once he’s trained, so he must forgive those who take away his freedom. He must.

The distant desire is still there, in the elephant eyes, just beyond the complacency and acceptance that he must remain. Yet, he remains.

As people we often find the pain of succumbing to those boundaries set by others, but we rarely learn to comply. We rebel. Until we forgive.

Once we forgive them. Once we give away the anger and frustration. We haven’t forgotten, but we’ve forgiven and we begin to comply.

I may forgive. But I’m still an elephant. I will never forget.

I hold deep in my heart the desire.


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