Green – Eggs and Ham

When Brenna was five, we lived at 307 West Parmenter Street, in Lamar, Colorado. She had already been reading for two years at that time, a read book-worm back then (some things never change). Doctor Suess was one of her favorite authors, although she read everything from the Bible to War and Peace.

She found an ad offering a collection of books in the Sunday paper and proceeded to fill out the order card. She wrote Brenna under the name portion of the form, 307 on the address, and Parmenter, Co on the street. Somewhere on the back of the card, she wrote our zip code, after asking me what it was.

I noted what she was doing, thought it was cute and forgot about it.

The mail carrier delivered to our door, so she often met him and brought in the mail. Evidently that card didn’t need postage, because she sent mail too.

7 days later. Right on time. The package arrived.




Parmenter, CO 81052

10 Doctor Suess books and a book bag to hold them all.

She met the mail man that day too. He quite proudly delivered her books. And the bill.

green - eggs and ham Those books are working their way through another generation of book-worms and have delivered quite a few heavy duty readers in our family. I’m sure they’ve been the inspiration of much imagination and probably spurned a few writers too.

Thank you, Doctor Suess. Happy Birthday!

Today – we celebrated with Eggs and Ham.

These decadent morsels are easy to make… Just tuck a slice of ham into a muffin tin, fill with an egg, add salt and pepper, bake at 350 degrees for twenty minutes and serve with toast and coffee for a scrumptious breakfast.

If you’d like add some green chili and cheese, a side of bacon and your favorite breakfast buds… Always a great conversation going on then!


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  1. Fabulous little read Jan! You are truly an accomplished writer and I can see where all your beautiful kids and grands get their talents from! I’m honored to know and work with you!

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