Happiness Quotient – OVERLOAD

Can you ever be too happy? I listened to the spiel by a good friend as she attempted to coerce me into compliance on her most recent ‘program’ and forced myself to NOT scream and yell. Although, I truly wanted to scream.

The day had been long, exhausting and totally overbearing, and I just wanted to crash. I couldn’t. I still had a list of things to do. I had to watch the kids for another hour, before their mom got home, and I felt like throwing up. Okay. I was throwing up.

I hung up the phone.

It rang two minutes later and I didn’t bother to answer. I just wanted to throw up and take care of the kids until someone else arrived. Then, no matter what was on my ‘list’ I was crashing. Crashing. In the basement. On my bed. I was going down. Until I felt better and didn’t want to regurgitate my toe nails, I was going down. That was the end of that.

Feeling sick isn’t the prettiest thing on the planet, but it isn’t “ME UNHAPPY,” it’s “ME SICK.”

Having someone spill their happiness all over me, while telling me I should be happy, that I’ve brought being sick all on myself because I’m not happy, my emotions are all jacked up and frustrated, while she’s using brute force to throw happiness at me, isn’t going to spread any cheer. It pisses me off. I’m not sick because some one in my past averted my DNA. I’m sick because I bumped into a nasty bug and my body is fighting it off. I’ll be better tomorrow and my DNA will survive.

Meanwhile, I’m going to remember that my happiness isn’t dependent on someone else’s diagnosis of what causes happiness. It’s dependent upon my personal level of contentment and satisfaction.

Yes, others can overload you with deplorable wit and consternation, frustrating you to tears and to the point of hanging up on their woeful torments, but they can’t take away your happiness quotient, or your intelligence quotient. Those are determined completely and whole-ly by you. If you’re satisfied with who you are, content in your life, and have the Joy of the Lord in your heart, happiness is a byproduct that comes from inside of you. Seek it. Find it. Allow it to escape now and then. But don’t annoy the population with it by force. It just doesn’t work that way.

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