Happy Birthday, Baby!

Kenton VerhoeffEighteen years ago this morning, I was holding a tiny bundle of love. I didn’t know he’d be a famous writer in eighteen years, or that he’d be my first and only runaway child, or that my heart would break a million, kazillion times over the next eighteen years, or that I’d feel so filled up with joy and blessings when I see him. I didn’t know how much that baby boy would change the world over the years that have now passed.

But I know now.

Kenton was born the New Year’s baby for western Nebraska, January 3, 1995. If you google his name, he brings up the top four pages and continues to filter through about eleven more pages, before the names split off and become either Kenton or Verhoeff, but rarely Kenton Verhoeff as one name.

Four pages… That’s at least 40 entries of something that has impacted the world enough to show up on Google. Shocking? Not really, he’s my son, I know what kind of impact he’s had on my own world, I can only imagine what kind of impact he’ll have on the world over the rest of his life. Amazing…

And he says,

“I feel like I could write an epic monologue about the end of the world right now. However, I fear it would probably sound just like the commercial for “Oblivion”.”

I don’t suppose anyone is aware of Oblivion? The movie is a popular new release, that state of existence is where anyone who hasn’t heard of Kenton Verhoeff, must be living lately if they aren’t already aware of who he is and the impact he’s having on the world, right this minute.

Kenton Verhoeff

Happy Birthday Baby Boy!!!

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