Making coffee this morning the memory crossed my mind…

Self Care Crusader - Diane C BrownMountain Top SuccessLindsey Wagoner played the Bionic Woman, one of my favorite television shows to watch (I was a toddler). In one particular series, she had drifted into a relationship with a man from her past and he helped her to remember details about herself that she’d forgotten as she worked her way through the changes that took over her life after bionics came into existence. He hadn’t been RIGHT for her before, and he wasn’t after, but the friendship they’d shared managed to worm it’s way through her life and they shared “moments” of their lives.

In one scene, he prepares for her a cup of coffee and she looks up at him, slightly surprised, “You remembered.”

He responds, “How could I forget?”

Then she reveals that it’s a bit unusual that a woman takes her coffee with a teaspoon of cocoa powder in it. Their conversation drifts to friendship and she reveals that she’s aware, she remembers how their relationship ended earlier, before bionics. He smiles and tells her he’s glad she remembers.

The character who plays opposite her in that particular scene is also a favorite actor, but I never can remember his name (I’m really terrible at Hollywood trivia), and he almost always plays supporting roles. Lee Majors, the Bionic Man, steals her heart away again at the end of the scene, and they go on to the next week’s show.

Life is about the moments. The moments we remember, we treasure, we know… Life is about knowing another person well enough to understand when ‘it’s just friendship’ and be okay with that.

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