I’d RATHER be reading Unikra

Sometimes the effort to sit down and write is so drastically huge that I give up before I can put words on paper… Before I can write a single phrase, I give up and find some other activity to complete, before I write.

Oh the horror that a writer feels at those times!

Today may be one of those times… I’m gazing out the window at snow falling on the hills again, knowing it will be at least a week before blue skies return to the Colorado scene — weathermen are always right, you know.

Quiet snowy MorningSo, what makes today a terrible day to write… Mostly, it’s because I would rather be reading. You see… I’ve edited my son’s book numerous times, but I’ve NEVER had an opportunity to just sit down and READ it, without any interruptions, editing chores, or other writer-ly responsibility.

Judging from the number of vehicles sliding around the curve outside my house, I’m thinking it’s probably NOT going to be a good day to be out and about, so I could be reading… And to be perfectly honest, I will be shortly. There’s just a few things I need to finish up online (and I’m writing this while my computer gets those things done) and then I curl up with my favorite espresso and cream latte and a good book.

Unikra, by Kenton Verhoeff. If by some chance you haven’t got your copy yet, you can order it off his page, or download a Kindle Copy that you can read today – at Amazon.com – just click the links or the image below to get your copy.

Kenton Verhoeff


My coffee is brewing…

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