You know, it really doesn’t matter? I’m not a big fan of either one, but that question, invariably gets a response from me. If I’m drinking pop, either one is good enough, but over the years, I’ve traded pop for water. I just like drinking water, because I feel better drinking it. I don’t seem to need the sugar high I used to get from drinking cola, and I prefer coffee for caffeine.

So, what difference does it make? And why do I respond to the question?

Because someone asked me.

That’s what we do. If we’re asked a question, we answer. It isn’t the lesser of two evils, and I don’t dodge the question because I don’t like the choices, I answer the question as to the preference of the moment. And THAT my friends is why I didn’t vote for the third party guy… He wasn’t in the option choice.

I’ve struggled with these perpetual questions for a few weeks now, the frustration over totally intelligent people in any other situation, posing answers to the questions that are not on the list… And tonight I realized why it’s such a total misnomer for me that people answer with the wrong answer.

It isn’t just inconsiderate and rude. It’s downright stupid.

If you’re standing at the counter in a place that serves Mountain Dew and Pepsi, you don’t ask them to go out and bring you a COKE with your sandwich. You either accept what’s offered, or you drink water. Or nothing. Water isn’t the other choice, it’s a lack of choices. You were given two choices… Those two choices were valid and qualified choices. If you want a drink and neither of those is what you want, you get water. Not another choice.

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