One Thing Infuriates Me More…

As a parent, there’s one thing that infuriates me more than any other about my children. And it might be the biggest issue I have with any of my children. (They’re amazing in every other area, but this one thing really drives me nuts.)

Checking the oil.

I grew up with parents who checked the oil before we took the car more than five miles. So, it’s fairly common for me to check the oil wearing dress clothes, before I pull out of the driveway. Not every time I back out of the driveway, but definitely before I go further than the grocery store or drop the kids off at school. I just automatically CHECK THE OIL.

My children (3 of them) have to be reminded to check the oil. This is NOT because they lack comprehension of what happens when they don’t check the oil. They do understand, first hand what happens when the vehicle runs out of oil. Engine blows. Car costs a LOT of money.

So, why do they NOT check the oil? Because it was inconvenient. Yup. Inconvenient.

Inconvenient to take two minutes and check the oil, and $5 to put a quart of oil in the car? Really?

And THEY wonder why I repeat myself numerous times, when I realize they haven’t checked the oil in the vehicle. WHY? BECAUSE I’ve put engines in cars. That’s WHY!

Yup. That was my evening.

I’m still furious. BUT, *I* didn’t go off half-cocked and TOW the vehicle back to town like a certain ex-husband did when HE didn’t check the oil. Nor did I scream and yell at anyone.

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