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Looking for a Valentine

Serenaded by the National Anthem in the background, I recognize the importance of showing appreciation for what we have, what we're given, and the blessing of having people in our lives who give us those gifts. The National Anthem is a reminder of the men who aren't together with those they'd like to be giving a valentine this year, and the many who won't receive a valentine, because they're off in some other place far removed from the ones they love. A reminder... As I contemplate the possibilities this Valentine's Day, I'm reminded that I don't have a "Valentine", or anyone in my life who considers me important enough to spend money on me, this time of year... Not that I'm without friends, just that I'm without that special friend…
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Miraculous Marketing Results Happened for JK Rollings

Marketing Strategies, Truth in Marketing
You know they do, you've seen them in the JK Rollings type book marketing results, but how can you achieve those kinds of results? How can you create a best seller and get that kind of readership to buy your book? Send your book to a celebrity who will read it, review it, and promote it. Yes. It is that easy.... But who is the celebrity, and is your book that good? When I caught  up with the first concept of marketing and how it was used in the JK Rollings marketing ploy, I realized anyone could do the same thing, if they just find the right person to market their book. It's the time, place, person theory of marketing that will drive your book off the shelves and into…
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