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Busy is overrated.

My Reality
This week has been crazy busy. Truly, crazy. But when I look back over my notes to make sure I've accomplished everything on my list, the number of unchecked boxes is overwhelming. Not that I haven't accomplished anything... Mind you, the list is five and a half, college ruled pages long. So that's a list of about 150 items that needed to be completed this week, and about half those items are crossed off the list as completed. This is a good thing, but the problem arises with the realization that I don't really get to work this weekend. I have something going on that prevents me from spending my usual 'butt in the chair' hours at the computer, and I've still go 'things to get done'. So, I rewrite…
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Writer Thoughts

My Reality, Writers
Writers use words to express themselves, to tell a story, or to communicate in ways that most people never really consider communication. We think in word terms and what they mean, how to understand them, and how to use them constantly. It's a huge part of our day. Writers often find themselves confused when others misuse words, or use them inappropriately, or worse, limit their vocabulary to words that have no real value or meaning other than shock factor. Dropping an F bomb in the middle or beginning of a sentence where it means something is valuable, but if it's used as punctuation for every sentence you speak, the word ceases to have meaning or value. Writers frequently get upset with non-writers who just don't understand basic concepts and apply…
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