Best Fish Sandwich in the World!

I get a real kick out of the BEST anything, but mostly I get a kick out of marketing claims that resound with duplication.

Red Cup MarketingI’m a red cup girl from way back… My favorite coffee cups are the plain and simple china/bone china style that have curvy cups tapering to a smaller base, with curved handles that fit my rather large hands. My cup, the one I carry from place to place is a tall, 20 ounce cup that holds enough cream to make my coffee pale and perfect, and enough coffee to get cool before I finish drinking it. I kind of like cold coffee. Kind of nice after the heat wears off to have coffee left to enjoy. So to me, the BEST coffee cups are red china with BIG ounces, and a lovely well fitted shape. Simplicity counts along with reality. But it’s all in personal choice.

So, today, when I pulled into my favorite fast food hangout to order lunch, I was mildly surprised by the claim to have the Best Fish Sandwich in the World. So, I ordered one. Immediately, the guy on the speaker phone attempted to upgrade my sandwich with cheese, as if it could be made better with a slice of super processed yellow sludge, flattened to resemble cheese? Well, I had none of that. If it’s the BEST Fish Sandwich in the World, it would have to succeed on its own merit, and not the melted cheese product that would cost me an additional thirty cents. I had my Fish Sandwich just like they make them every day, with lettuce falling out of it into the wrapper and too much tartar sauce. I’ve had better sandwiches, but all in all, this one was pretty yummy, so I’ll give them an E for Effort and not slash away at their confidence.

But what does red cup marketing have to do with the BEST Fish Sandwich in the world? Simplicity in marketing, and even moreso, truth in marketing.

I learned a mild lesson in the use of specific verbiage in an ad for product.

If you’re selling the BEST of anything, don’t upsell it, don’t under present, and don’t over represent what you’re providing the customer. Your product will either live up to its name, or it won’t. Don’t over do it!

But know that your representation of your product has to meet the expectations you set for your product. Make sure if you SAY it’s the BEST, it is.


Buy me a coffee
Often, someone asks if they can just buy me a cup of coffee in exchange for some information. A tip, as they say, in exchange for a moment of my time.

I’m good with that…

The best part of this is that you get to decide how much you think you will benefit from my time.

I just want to tell you THANKS!! Right now for your contribution to my coffee fund. I appreciate you, and our time together.

Make it a great day,