Best Fish Sandwich in the World!

I get a real kick out of the BEST anything, but mostly I get a kick out of marketing claims that resound with duplication. I’m a red cup girl from way back… My favorite coffee cups are the plain and simple china/bone china style that have curvy cups tapering to a smaller base, with curved handles that fit my rather large hands. My cup, the one I carry from place to place is a tall, 20 ounce cup that holds enough cream to make my coffee pale and perfect, and enough coffee to get cool before I finish drinking it. … continue reading


Often, someone asks if they can just buy me a cup of coffee in exchange for some information. A tip, as they say, in exchange for a moment of my time. I’m good with that… The best part of this is that you get to decide how much you think you will benefit from my time. I just want to tell you THANKS!! Right now for your contribution to my coffee fund. I appreciate you, and our time together. Make it a great day, Jan Go ahead, tell your friends! … continue reading