Toe Cleavage – Visibly Gracious

In a world where class-less audacity occasionally speaks volumes, I occasionally find myself feeling surprised at the gracious eloquence of a moment in time…

My children amazed me last night.

They did nothing extremely extraordinary, but their presence at a party in the city lifted the bar. With a guest list that would sound like a name dropping experience in the liberal press, the party began at the home of long time friends, Wally and Kendal Unruh, in Castle Pines in early evening. The party lasted until the wee hours of the morning.

An amazing presentation of food awaited, along with intimidating decor and lavish Christmas settings throughout the home. As the player grand piano resounded through the home, people mingled, shared their lives, and networked together.

As much as I appreciate Wally and Kendal’s efforts at decor, I believe (could be a bit of conceit in this statement) that the most amazing things on display were my children and grandchild. (And I want everyone to understand WHY I believe this.)

I had spent the lions share of the day with friends from Alaska. Stranded at the airport due to an untimely delay, an Army Sargent and his wife and child were forced to stay over for an extra day in Denver, with nothing to do. I had work that I could postpone a day, and a few phone calls to make, but I could take the time to spend with them, show them a little of Denver, take them to lunch and play hostess (which I absolutely LOVE doing – and I’ll be grateful forever that they gave me an opportunity to do so). The point is, I was late coming home to attend the party. But, I’d dressed appropriately (except for my shoes) and was willing to just meet the kids and drive them to the event. Which I did.

My daughter and my sons arrived at the Target Parking lot where my daughter works as a Cell Phone Kiosk Manager/Team Leader and got out of their vehicle. All dressed in formal attire. Suits, ties, dress shirts, drop dead gorgeous dress, slippers, and smiles that lit up my world if not the entirety of the underground parking garage!

I had expected “stunning” what I got was eloquence!

At the party, their attire was noticeable, but everyone was well dressed. Everyone was smiling, happy, enjoying the gracious party atmosphere and stellar, in sizzling sparkles, satin shimmers and lavish fur.

The stunner. The moment that punctuated the evening for me was after visiting with many friends and meeting new acquaintances throughout the evening, I listened to one gentleman, who said, “Those three are siblings? They do resemble each other, but… three kids out of the same family who are that accomplished is outright amazing.”

Barbara, long time friend, arrived ‘fashionably late’ as I was preparing to leave, and we took a moment to sit and talk. She commented first on ‘the young man who had written a book’, and then on my daughter who joined us. She noted the classic design of her dress, and the attention to detail. Brenna had selected metallic leather slippers, with a low heel and low cut toe, with just a bit of “toe cleavage” as Barbara commented. “Classic, elegant, and simply tasteful.”

Another woman commented on the three, noting their presence in the room, and said, “I entered expecting the usual crowd, but I believe these young people have lifted the bar on this event. I’m impressed with their accomplishments and the established presence they exude in this atmosphere. None of them are strangers to quality, substantial wealth, or the professionalism in this room.”

Colm, my three-year-old grandson (birthday is today), wooed hearts and amazed with his quiet personality as he played with the puppies and rode the rocking horses, entertaining himself and everyone else at the party.

As we were leaving, Kendal commented to those standing near us, “These three are a testimony to home schooling.”

And I fully agree, I believe having the opportunity to home school my children, providing them with opportunities at EVERY turn, was an amazing difference in their lives… But I also believe that these children (my children – all four) have stepped up to the plate and become AMAZING because it is what was EXPECTED of them. Never once did they see failure as a stopping point, if they didn’t succeed the first time, that was a stepping stone to be used as they stepped up to the next attempt at success.

And Kendal, thank you for your comment last night on my facebook page, “All the guests commented on the intelligence and likability of your kids. They were very impressed. Good job mom.” Thanks again to you and Wally for the invitation and the event. It was really fun to take a moment and shine during this Christmas Season.

I particularly want to thank anyone who has taken time to READ this unprecedented moment of bragging about my life and children. My children do amaze me. They are a testimony of what can happen with hands-on leadership and coaching in a life where there is much to accomplish. IF you’re interested in being accomplished, in succeeding, in knowing that YOU can achieve your dreams and are willing to make the effort to attain those shining moments – click this link and sign in for your own life changing opportunity. 


6 thoughts on “Toe Cleavage – Visibly Gracious

  1. You have every reason to brag and hold your head up high. God has bless you with a talent to write, a gift to gab, and a fantastic personallity. God has blessed your four children with the gift of a mother that takes pride in herself, her life, and her home. Your work speaks for itself, and the reflection of your children show the wonderful life you have invested in them. You are an ispiration to your peers, and I am so greatful to be in your life as a friend. You wear many hats! And you wear them all proud! May God continue to bless you, and bless so many more for allowing you to touch our lives.

  2. How terrific that you received so many compliments, Jan! Your kids are a real testimony to your love and care for them, and your ability to successfully coach and mentor those who rely on you for those efforts. :-)

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