What bridge?

Sometimes life hands us a different kind of problem and we have to step up to the challenge with faith, determination and the kind of chutzpah that will get us through the event and out on the other side with enough of ourselves left to rebuild and regrow. Trust me, there doesn’t have to be much of YOU left to rebuild and regrow the person you choose to be, if you know who that is. The knowledge alone will bring you back.

Be Remarkable Success - Your WayI’m going to talk in generalities, but I’ll give you some examples: You lose a parent, a spouse takes the low road and abandons the family, a child tanks on a relationship and you’re left wondering what you did wrong, or your job takes a flying leap southward and you’re left without any income.  These are just examples, and almost everyone will face some of these in a lifetime.

They’re no fun. No matter what anyone else tells you, dealing with those life issues SUCKS rotten potatoes and you’re going DOWN. How far you go will depend on what kind of stuff you’re made of.

Emotionally, you may be doomed for any or all of them and still rise above the crisis eventually, but… during that down time. Woe is you.

Physically…. Just ouch.

Financially, you’ll probably struggle. You may even fail big. You’ll pick up the pieces, pay off the bills and survive, or you’ll thrive. The choice will be yours.

Just do it.

Socially… I can’t even begin to tell you the losses you’ll experience in your life. You’ll find people you thought were your friends are not. You’ll find people were using you up and have spit you out. And then you’ll find that there are some who stand by you no matter your experience of life, but they really don’t want to know what  you’re experiencing. Others will be right there in the muck of your existence rotting out the grain and helping you find something good in the cesspool of life no matter how deep they have to dig.

That my friends is life. It doesn’t really matter what comes your way, there will be better days ahead. I’m convinced of it. But you have to keep that eternal spring of life hope flowing in your veins by turning the challenges over to God and letting him have an opportunity to heal and transform you.

A good friend mentioned today that he felt like his last many months he’d been living in the dungeon of life (he was a bit more colorful than that) and I realized that it’s been a mutual dungeon of our own making. We’ve allowed the troubles of life to outweigh the blessings. Once again we stopped at the roadblock instead of getting out and moving it so we could find our way, turning around and going a different direction, or taking another path. We have alternatives. We have to make different choices and use them.

To the friendly man waving the stop sign… I say, “Get the out of my way. I’m coming through a survivor.”

So, today… I sent ole Oris a note:

Remember back when having money was the solution to everything?

We were wrong then too. 

Just sayin’… 

(There are stupid fools out there no matter how much money you have, who want it all and more, and they’ll take everything you’ve got, including your sanity if you let them. My Grandma said once, “Demons are dressed in friendly faces.”)

WHAT do you mean the BRIDGE is out?

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