Setting up a blog where you can turn your writings into cash income can be more fun than work, and less effort than you might imagine. Blogging for cash makes good cents!

Learn the 5 Key Steps to Blogging for Cash by Writing What You Know and Love

Did you ever wonder about those people who post their family stories on their blog and talk about getting paid to Blog? Well, it’s a real thing.

You post what you want to write and get paid to blog.

Of course, you have to start your blog, and that costs some money up front, but then as you post more and more, the bigger your blog, the more traffic you drive to your blog, the more likely you are to make cash money from blogging.

How do you get started Blogging?

To start blogging, you create a website with the option of posting and managing content, such as wordpress, or blogger. But there are a few key factors you want to know first.

  • blogging for cashYou definitely want your own domain. The domain is the that sends traffic to your business/blog online.
  • Hosting for your domain is essential. You’ll need to direct your domain toward a host where you can load essential data to manage your website.
  • A niche where you like to write content. This can be almost anything you want to write about (because blogging is essentially a journal and you’ll be writing frequently). You should have a good bit of information you’ll want to share with others.

Who should blog?

Anyone with a message to share should blog to share their message, build a platform, and grow a list of hungry buyers who want what they have to sell. Some categories of people actually NEED to be blogging, because blogging is the best way to build your brand, develop a list of hungry buyers, and improve your outreach and market.

Business Owners

Without exception, every business should have a combination website/blog to imprint their brand on the internet. 85% of buyer decisions are made online. If your business isn’t available to search engines, online, you won’t be available for those decisions. As a business owner, being locatable, and at the top of the search engine is one of your best opportunities to capture those top decision makers.

Build back links to your blog to improve search engine rankings for local search terms. Inbound marketing benefits your business.
Business owners who define their ideal customer and unique selling proposition improve their overall marketing results. When writing blog posts, they are better able to answer potential customers, and capture that audience. By offering quantifiable solutions for the specific problems your audience has, you offer greater opportunity for profit.

This whole process results in more buying customers, and improved customer relations.

Those Seeking Personal Branding

Job seekers, professionals, writers, artists, or anyone who needs to build name recognition for their personal brand. 

If you have something to say, you can build recognition and begin selling yourself as an expert in your field through the process of blogging.
The key to driving a personal brand is writing within your field of interest and driving an interest in developing opportunities. Your particular skill level will be apparent to those seeking your professional expertise when you write about your topics.


Make Money Online

Anyone who wants to make money online should have a blog. By creating a blog with an active audience, participating in your discussions, you’ll have the added ability to market within your topic range to that audience. The opportunity to impact a given audience and make that audience yours becomes an opening to market your products and services.

There are many ways to make money online by blogging. Don’t ever let anyone tell you that you only have one way, there are more ways than I can count to make money online using your blog. So, once you decide to take off on this adventure… You only have a few decisions to make.

Blogging for Cash