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Brainstorming New Business — 2 Comments

  1. There is NOTHING like getting “in synch” with Jan when we BRAINHURRICANE how to improve things, whether it’s our business ideas, products, marketing, or customer service. One aspect that most people don’t understand that during any timeframe in which you’re coming up with new ideas is to not DISCOUNT them off the bat to keep the flow going, even if you get ridiculous with your ideas. You want to keep the ideas coming without stopping. With Jan, it can go overboard, but it spills into laughter. Truly one of a kind working with Jan. Thanks sister.

  2. Good Morning Jan,

    I’ve been awake a few hours now.

    Looking and thinking website, BLOG… looking up ADSENSE and trying to figure out if I can have my own Wikipedia page. A place I can tell my story, demographics and PII (personal items of information) aside.

    Found a place (Peoplepedia.com), but it’s not quite it—captures too much demographic data–not like the government doesn’t already have it…my thought is to have a place people can tell their stories… I grew up with people telling stories about people. The stories of people tell the times of their lives and the events of their day and how they traversed them and continued forward. Everyone has a story to tell when people take time and listen.

    I have 2 Facebook pages (Living Today and Mastermind for America) and my defunct webpage “journeytoheaven.org” the webpage focused on short stories and daily devotionals. I know many devotionals are done and there are a lot of stories to be told. There are also many sites that offer encouragement, usually famous quotes or insightful scripture verses–to me they seem fake.

    I’ve toyed with a few book ideas… one on Leadership as Christ led hid Disciples and how it applied in my Military service. The other I refer to as Autobiography of a Common Man. Looked at developing a Leadership Theory (I referred to it as Cognitive Humanism-thinking being) based on Christ as well, using Matthew 20:20-28 as a guide.

    Checked my web presence, something about me comes up in the first 10 posts at home and at work. Haven’t tried a computer that I don’t normally use..a test from the “outside” of my world.

    Thank You for providing substance in my emails.

    I get a daily barrage of e-mail messaging with little to no value, except for yours… these are like mining gold at Fort Knox, no bad places to dig.

    Have a tremendous day!

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