Britain Rocks Freedom!

Buy me a coffeeI generally don’t post political comments on this particular blog, because I believe my business should be a bit different from my political position, but I have to stand up and cheer for Britain today. Their dedication to remaining a Free nation, a nation where their values and principles matter – to them – makes me admire them.

I know they don’t have the same values as Americans, that’s why we parted company a few centuries back, and I know I haven’t looked back. I prefer American Liberty over Europe, or Great Britain. I believe the Brits should feel the same way about their country, and I’m really glad they do!

Patriotism isn’t just for Americans, and I believe strongly that citizens of any country should be patriots of their own country, celebrating their own land. If not, then they should fight hard to make their country something they can be proud of, or find another place to live. If they choose to move to another land, then they must accept the laws of that land and make them their own. Then fight for that country as if it were their homeland.

If you disagree with me, I have no problem discussing your thoughts too. Just keep it respectful on my blog, or I will delete.

Next article will be back to business and personal development! Let’s do this.

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