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Business Development - Fish Tank Startups

Business Development comes with an element of warning – if you can’t get out of the tank, you’re doomed to failure. But if you’re in the tank for success, why not? Why not find your success in Fish Tank Startups?

This guy is pretty awesome, and I know who does his graphics, so when he mentioned he was about to kickoff a new marketing campaign for his Fish Tank Startups workshop, I thought “Why not?”

Business Development Rocks

Yeah, why not promote something I totally believe in, will attend given the opportunity, and fully support because, well… he rocks my graphics. He really does. Even though he’d rather I toned it down occasionally, when I’m moving them beyond simple and to the point to Bling Bling, but hey — he calls next time he wants something eloquent that speaks his language. Can’t beat that, right?

So, why would I support his business venture, when to be perfectly direct and to the point, he does something very similar to what I do… I support his venture, because his message resonates. I believe, completely, that this guy is CALLED to present the message he’s been given.

Kevin Cullis sparks, guides, and mentors successful business startups
through the use of Biblical Principles and
sound ethical business practices.

Yeah, he does that. He will teach you how to find success by following the ethical business practices put forth in the Bible. When you sign up for his newsletter, you’ll even get 30+ Bible Verses, all pulled together in a neat little package of four or five pages. It’s an awesome little gift, with incredible value, all for giving him your email address. You benefit.

Business DevelopmentThe thing is, when you put together your own business, you have a good feeling, a good foundation for your marketing efforts. But when you get the right help to build your programs your business grows faster.

We’ve already been down the road you’re going to travel. The programs you need, we already have in place, and we’d love – absolutely LOVE – to share those with you.

All you have to do is click the links – and ask us. We have opportunities you won’t want to miss – and some of those are over coffee.

So, click this incredibly beneficial button and Put Your Business in the Tank for Success!

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