Business Online Strategies for Successful Marketing

Your business online strategies must include interactive marketing and relationship development. You need relationships, team members, and a tribe to succeed.

business online strategiesYour relationships develop readily when you connect with like minded people. Your tribe will be those who understand your solutions, and willingly apply them to their need. In addition to seeking answers, your tribe becomes a co-creator of solution based results influenced by their drive for profit online.

Rather than passive income, when your tribe joins your diligent search for success, relevant profits become expected. Noteworthy solutions, especially those relevant to your group situation consequently become normal.

Business online strategies open doors.

Is the expectation of profit normal in your circle of friends? It should be. If it isn’t, you’re hanging out with the wrong crowd.

Every year about this time, I sort through my client list and note which ones have made a concerted effort to maintain their websites, make a profit online, and grow their business online strategies, and note those who have not… Generally, those who have not grown their business online strategies no longer answer my calls, and don’t read emails, they don’t participate in any of the free webinars and training sessions I offer. In many cases, those who have given up on their websites, have given up on themselves and gone back to work at a job.

Let me point out here, there is nothing at all wrong with a job. If you’re one who has returned to the ‘work for someone else’ force, I’m definitely not condemning your choice, and you’ll never hear me beat you down for making that choice. You’re working and that’s admirable! I appreciate your effort to help wherever you work.

Let me also take this moment to point out that if you’re sticking it out with your website, your own business online strategies, and diligently working toward your goals and success, there’s something mighty about your personal dedication to success. And I congratulate you for your continued efforts.

Two points:

  • If what you’re doing right now is working and you don’t want to change anything at all, keep doing what you’re doing and let me know if I can help you in any way.
  • If what you’re doing right now is NOT working, and you want to fix that. Let’s talk.

Consistent marketing efforts take you further.

You’ve probably heard this before, and it’s 100% true, so I’m going to repeat it for you here. And, I’m sharing a story about myself and a friend, because I think we all do a little bit of this, and we need to realize it – and STOP IT!

Whatever it is that you spend your time thinking about, that’s what you’re going to end up with at the end of the day.

I have a really good friend whom I have realized over the past three years that I avoid spending time with, because she makes every single minute I’m with her miserable by talking about her latest medical procedure and all the meds she’s taking. The real deal? She’s had a chronic disease most of her life, and it affects her occasionally. But mostly, she’s under Doctor’s care, and her disease is managed with daily medication. She only needs to be concerned about it, when she’s taking her meds and the rest of the time, she could be living a very full and fun life. The more she talks about all the medical care she’s getting and needs, the less time she spends enjoying life, and the more her life revolves around her medical needs.

She’s marketing her medical needs!

While I struggled with the realization that I was avoiding her, I kept reviewing my own sense of direction and what I was marketing myself. What do I think about and talk about?

  • allergies (I’ve struggled with the ‘changing process of having them and them changing’ over the past several years.)
  • my ankle and my knee (Ouch, but do I really have to talk about them?)
  • my weight (I hate it, but why is it part of my conversation?)
  • poverty (Must it be a reality?)
  • struggles with _________________ (I don’t want those!)
  • hackers (NEVER, AGAIN!)
  • “anything else I don’t want” (Gone. Topic over.)

That’s when I decided to write this blog post and correct my own attitude, while I’m helping others to recognize and correct their attitudes. Me first. Right?

Consistent marketing efforts – no matter which direction you’re marketing – will take you further in the direction of your marketing efforts. Which direction do you want to go?

Words matter! Choose them wisely, and know where they will take you. 

Know your mission and pursue it diligently.

“If your goal is different from your mission, it will lack the passion to become a reality.” ~Jeffrey Gitomer

What is your mission?

Is your mission really “to make money”? Really? Seems rather uninviting, lack-luster, and maybe even uninspired… How about figuring out what you really want from life?

Be a Ripple of EmpowermentMy mission in life is to help other people achieve their business goals, develop profitable and successful online businesses, and live well. That’s the key… My mission is to live well.

My mission is to be a ripple of empowerment in my world.

Is this a vague destination to which I’m traveling through unknown territory? No, it isn’t. I have specific goals, directions, steps to take, and decisions that must be made every day to achieve my mission in life, and I’m learning how to make those decisions by habit.

Did you know it takes 3 weeks (21 days), to create a habit?

From today – it’s 21 days to the New Year. If you start today, by the new year, you can have one GOOD new habit. What’s your habit?

Let’s share a new habit in the comments of this blog and encourage each other over the next 21 days?

My good habit is to talk about success. To live well, my mission, I need to encourage both myself and others to be more motivated and empowered to accomplish the right things, hence my words will be positive, uplifting, and encouraging. I will motivate myself and others with the words I speak from my mouth.

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