Busy is overrated.

This week has been crazy busy.

Truly, crazy.

But when I look back over my notes to make sure I’ve accomplished everything on my list, the number of unchecked boxes is overwhelming. Not that I haven’t accomplished anything…

Jan VerhoeffMind you, the list is five and a half, college ruled pages long. So that’s a list of about 150 items that needed to be completed this week, and about half those items are crossed off the list as completed. This is a good thing, but the problem arises with the realization that I don’t really get to work this weekend. I have something going on that prevents me from spending my usual ‘butt in the chair’ hours at the computer, and I’ve still go ‘things to get done’.

So, I rewrite the list, making sure to include all the things that didn’t get done on the new list, because I have a few things that absolutely have to be done before Monday – such as a blog post, since I should have had three done this week…

But, there just weren’t enough hours in the week to get it all done…

And there was the BIG C scare from my Doctor… Gotta love a Doctor who throws that word around like candy at a party. And the mad rush to meet all the medical demands of figuring out I wasn’t dying before the weekend. Not to mention the emotional upheaval and uprooting of every conceivable cell in my body as I sprinted through my days to get it all done. And the assurance of GOOD NEWS reminding me that God is still my healer and answering my prayer, when my regular Doc took me off the rat poison. YAY.

So, the new list, is only two and a half pages long, and the priority list, beyond this blog post, includes only five specific items that HAVE to be done by Monday.

I can do this.

And as I sit here writing this one article, hoping it’s enough to keep my readers interested in following my blog, and buying my products and services, I realize that I’ve sold three services this week and completed those tasks, that weren’t even ON the To-Do List. Yay me!

Busy? You could say I was rushing beyond my normal speed most every day this week, besides the process of dealing with …

Busy isn’t always a blessing. Sometimes, busy is just overrated.

Take time to breathe.

Jan Verhoeff

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