Let’s have coffee and discuss your business.

Where do you want your business to be in a year? Five years? Three months?

More and more, I deal with business owners who just need a few moments of tossing out ideas to springboard their ideas into action. That’s what we do over coffee at Java with Jan.

A huge majority of business owners don’t have a clue what they want from their business, and they don’t know how to go from “an idea” to profit, or to business development. But they do want to have a profitable business. And many have an idea, or at least an inkling, what they want to do in their business.

The key is finding someone who can tell you if it’s viable, or likely to succeed, and what to do to get started. This first visit is that kind of call.

Buy me a cup.

We have professional business developers who are trained to do the work of ‘brainstorming’ your idea to help you define your idea, get a grip on the direction, and schedule further conversations, programs, or recommendations for growing your business.

Our exclusive coffee connections online. Java with Jan brings scads of great articles to your inbox, plus you get to call and ask a question!


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This is our Java with Jan Hotline – and my personal phone, so when you call, tell me you’re calling Java with Jan, please.

More often than not, I’ve got time for a quick call, and will answer your ONE QUESTION right then, or call you right back.

So, buy me a cup, because what we discuss will change your life.

I don’t offer a voice mail on this line, but if your number is revealed I will either accept your call, or call you right back!

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